How to instill drive in your child

If you've ever resorted to bribing your kid to brush her teeth, you know the frustration of an unmotivated child. While self-motivation for kids is crucial when it comes to their long-term success, it's not something every child comes by naturally. Though it might be tempting to take on a whatever-it-takes attitude, think twice. Hovering, pushing and bribing could do more harm than good. Kang, a self-motivated child is driven internally by either a passion for the activity or an understanding of its purpose and a desire for the natural reward of succeeding.

How to cut a fade with clippers

You may choose various types of fade on your cut and you only need some clippers and a pair of barber scissors to create the fade haircut. Fade haircuts are short, most of the time, and some are even buzzed, near the nape of your neck. The hair gets gradually longer on the back and sides of your head and the longest hair is going to be at the top of the head. A fade relates about any kind of gradual transition from short to long hair, so making an idea about the shortest part and the longest one too is essential before actually cutting the hair. This kind of haircut is an inch or two long on top, whereas the gradual fade to the shorter length happens on the back and on the sides.

What caused the crack in the liberty bell

By: Nathan Chandler Jul 1, Sometimes, stories about American cultural history aren't always what they're cracked up to be. Throughout its long life, the Liberty Bell has served as an example of just how vague our collective memories can be - starting with the bell's famous crack. Historians like to fight about it, but in short, no one knows precisely when or why the bell was damaged. And it wasn't even called the Liberty Bell until long after it was hung.

What is solid phase microextraction

Solid Phase Microextraction SPME is an innovative, solvent-free sample prep technology that is fast, economical, and versatile. SPME uses a fiber coated with a liquid polymer , a solid sorbent , or a combination of both. The fiber coating extracts the compounds from your sample by absorption in the case of liquid coatings or adsorption in the case of solid coatings. The SPME fiber is then inserted directly into the chromatograph for desorption and analysis.

What is cobit 5 framework

We are currently living in an era where the development of technology is attaining new heights every day along with organizational growth. Whether it be the IT cell of a government sector like defense or a private sector like a software company, all of them are enhancing their working area with high advancements every single day. In such a case, it is getting a pain in the head for managers to manage all of their resources to get maximum profitability. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. It is a business framework that is used for the management and governance of the IT enterprise.

How to build cheap greenhouse

Greenhouses can help overwinter tender plants, grow food all year, or just extend the growing season by several weeks to a few months. The simplest and most inexpensive greenhouse can be made with a few old pallets. It may not accommodate a whole lot of plants, but can offer a warm home to a few precious ones over the winter. It can also be used to start your seedlings well in advance, too. One pallet is used to make the floor and can keep pots well off of the cold ground.

What weather is it right now

IBM Watson applies machine learning to gain insights from weather and other complex data to help you make informed decisions about potential health risks in your area. Watson predicts a high risk of allergy symptoms for the next three days. Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution. Grass pollen is very high in your area. Currently high tide. Daily 17 Today.