How to control cholesterol with home remedies in hindi

High cholesterol is one of the primary reasons for heart disease. High levels of total and LDL cholesterol increase your risk of heart diseases while high levels of HDL cholesterol are a protective factor. Your daily diet plays an important role in attaining and maintaining your health goals. High cholesterol can be prevented and effectively controlled by a combination of a good diet, regular exercise , ideal body weight and an overall healthy lifestyle.

What does it mean to be a gentleman

The meaning of being a gentleman has changed over the course of time. When you are speaking historically, the title of being a gentleman was not originally based on the action of a man, rather it was a given birthright. Men with parents that were wealthy and had a good social standing would be considered to be among gentleman. During this time period these gentleman did not work to achieve the wealth and status they had, but instead the title became more or less inherited through their family name and origins. Over time, the meaning of gentleman began to change and evolved into something quite different. It was no longer just used for those men who were born into nobility or prominent social status.

How to make easy cutlet

Beef cutlet is a very common snack of Kerala. This is a very tasty cutlet and served hot with tomato sauce. Beef contains a number of nutrients that are critical to the development and maintenance of key functions in the human body. Beef is a very good source of iron, with perhaps the highest concentration of iron than any other commonly consumed meat. Wash and clean the beef.

What was it like living in east germany

Polls show former East Germans are happier with unification and the current state of the nation than former West Germans. Child care. There were far more working mothers in East Germany than in the Federal Republic and there were free nursery spots for every one of their children, starting just weeks after birth. Moreover, all of the kids apparently received Christmas presents aplenty from Erich Honecker, the leader of the East German Socialist Unity Party from to , when Christmastime rolled around. The GDR model indeed looks enticing at first glance, especially in light of the acute shortage of nursery spots across Germany today, a shortfall much more pronounced in western Germany, where fewer women work and there are far too few day-care options.

How to check communication skills in interview

Communication skills are essential to nearly every type of job. With the right interview questions, potential employers can determine whether a candidate can communicate properly in several situations and styles. Being able to communicate can ensure that both the new employee is effective in their position as well as that they can positively impact their workplace in general. In this article, we discuss what communication skills interview questions are, the types of positions that typically ask these questions and list a few effective communication interview questions with examples of how to answer them.

How to make money dog walking

Everyone loves their dogs, some people so much that they are willing to pay top dollar to have someone walk their dog. This is a great way to make money as a kid because it is something you can do at any age. Dogs need exercise for both their mental and physical health and often dog owners get too busy to spend as much time with their favorite pet as they would like. This is where you can come in and make great money after school or on the weekends.