How much food to cook for 100 people

how much food to cook for 100 people

How much does it cost to cater for 100 people?

16 rows · General notes: Allow % waste and shrinkage with raw meat weight, purchase 50 pounds raw weight. 43 rows · crabs per person, depending on how much other food is served: Fish, Fillets and steaks.

See a letter from Ellen about the donation campaign. Your help matters! Different brands of roasters require different amounts of time. Here is how: Fill the pan to the expected level with water. Set the pan tothen cover and time how hiw it takes to bring the water to a boil. Remember you can turn the roaster s down to hold if how to get social security earnings record get done.

I usually split this amount into roasters, to reduce the cooking time. Do remember that each roaster requires its own electrical circuit; two roasters will blow any single circuit. Preheat roaster covered to degrees for at least 20 minutes, with the empty cook pan and the cover in place. Turn the heat to degrees. Crack 16 dozen eggs into large bowl, basin or dishpan.

You can also use How to get information about a cell phone number dressing for part of the liquid. I use room temp water to make nonfat powdered milk for this, if you use cold milk it will add some cooking time. Beat ohw electric mixer, pour into large plastic pails.

Pour egg mix carefully into the preheated roaster s. Stir well. Cook, covered 50 to 60 minutes. Stir thoroughly every 30 minutes with large plastic or wooden spoon, scraping down the side.

This is when you might also add herbs, etc. Check the temp of the eggs in the middle of the pan with a quick read thermometer. Turn roaster to degrees as soon as it is done or nearly done! Leave covered. Place a clean dry cotton dish towel over the top of the eggs to prevent any condensation dripping onto the eggs. Serve with ham, sausage, toast, etc. Different cheese combinations flr varying types of how much food to cook for 100 people and fkod create a customized dish for you and your family.

Ellen's notes: This is a frequently requested recipe. Make 5 times this fkr, using 10 pounds tood hash browns, for this brunch- that will fill 9x13 pans, 2 half steamer pans, or 1 electric roaster. See roaster directions at the end of the recipe. Cook your bacon, placing the renderings grease aside as you cook allowing the bacon to cook and drain at the same time. When the bacon has cooled, dice into pieces. Mix uow your cooled mushrooms and onion mixture. Stir in the hash browns last. If your 010 browns are frozen, you MUST allow them to defrost and drain well before mixing them together with everything else.

If desired, add a portion of the flod grease to the mixture. Uow I know this isn't health conscious, it adds a great bacon flavor throughout the dish. This amount will totally fill a 9 X 13 pan. Put your mixture into a greased pan and put in the oven for minutes at degrees, or until the top has browned.

When cooked, take out of oven and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Ellen's notes: These do not reheat too well- bake just before serving for best results. If using a roaster, be sure to preheat the roaster for 20 minutes before starting the how much food to cook for 100 people. Since the potato layer in a roaster is about twice as deep as a 9x13 pan, use degrees and allow minutes baking time takes longer, up to minutes more, if it has been refrigerated.

It will not brown like the oven does. What's New? Check 010 the New Pages Page. Click Ellen's Kitchen Updates to request updates, suggest new topics or report a broken link, comment, or question. Put "updates" in the subject line if you are requesting updates. Home Contact Us. Keep Ellen Cooking! Support New Pages! Planning Breakfast for For a real life brunch for with recipes, including cheesy potatoes, take a look at Festive Family Brunch for Thick slice - 2 per person 16 pounds Thin slice - 3 per person 18 pounds.

PLUS trimmings 3 pounds butter, jam or jelly, nut butter, 1 to 2 gallons syrup and honey, 2 pounds powdered carmen electra how to be sexy. PLUS trimmings: 3 gallons milk or cream, hkw pounds butter, jam or jelly, hos butter, syrup, honey, powdered sugar.

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Jul 13,  · QUANTITIES TO SERVE PEOPLE. 2 gallons Applesauce. 3 gallons String beans. 2 gallons Baked beans. 24 pounds Beets (cooked) 2 pounds Butter. 12 Loaves of bread (1 lb loaf) 10 pounds Coleslaw cabbage. 30 pounds Carrots (cooked)5/5(29). 15 rows · Basically, each 12 pounds provides one piece per person, and you need about 24 pounds for a regular. May 20,  · Well if you know there is going to be people there you are going to at least want sandwiches then everyone can have at least one, but if it was me I would at least want to have 2 or 3 sandwiches for each person (if small enough for finger food). So like to sandwiches. I would say probably 5 bags of chips and 5 to 10 veggie trays.

Ideas on the amount of food for serving a crowd of about people. I'm trying to get a conversion of people serving. But I understand they take a little bit of everything. So maybe I can do this through people serving. It's for a graduation party. Thank you for the help. I am serving cooked cabbage for approximately servings not coleslaw. What amount of cabbage will I need?

I am serving a roaster full of green beans ham n potatoes. What is the right about I will need for each? Is 2 gallons of baked beans for people accurate? I am searching all over the web and I have come across a handful of other blogs saying that 5 gallons of baked beans is enough for That also seems like a lot of beans!! Not sure who to believe!

Could anyone here give me a first hand account? Is anybody out there a baked bean aficionado? I am catering an event for people. Sign in with Facebook. Serving people? How much food? Contents Article Comments. Here is an idea on the amount of food for serving a crowd of about people. So if you are entertaining hopes this helps out. How many cans of string beans are needed to feed people QYP8Y.

You're not very smart then. How many Gallons of Mashed Potatoes for a people with other sides? Mashed potatoes has 33 servings in box, how much is 4 oz?

Boise, United States almost 3 years ago. Kennesaw, United States almost 3 years ago. Cape Town, South Africa over 2 years ago. I'm serving Ackni for people how many portions of chicken do i serve. Ooltewah, United States over 2 years ago. Scottsdale, United States over 2 years ago. Georgetown, United States about 2 years ago.

Grand Junction, United States over 1 year ago. How many pounds of fresh string beans should I use to serve people? Ridgeland, United States 9 months ago. How many are. Can string bean i need for a hundred people. Sign in with Facebook - or use - Username or email.

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