How to address stephen harper in a letter

how to address stephen harper in a letter


Jan 17,  · Please send your letter to Stephen Harper via mail, fax, or email: Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2. Fax: E-mail: [email protected] Also email: [email protected] May 31,  · I wrote an open letter to Stephen Harper a little while ago, so here it is. Oh yeah, and you can forward it around as much as you like, repost it on your sites, whatever, it’s an open letter! To Stephen Harper. My name is Christopher and I live in a beautiful place called Canada. I am so happy to live in a place with such natural beauty.

Thanks Kath, glad you enjoyed it! Hope all is well. Post a Comment. April 08, Dear Mr. Harper I would like to explain to you why it is that I will not be voting for your party in the upcoming election. Despite the fact that I'm relatively certain that Finance Minster Joe Flaherty will most likely be re-elected within my riding, I will nonetheless exercise my right to vote in this election and it will most certainly not be for Mr.

And it's not just because I think you come off as a smug, self-satisfied, power hungry pretentious bastard. At the heart of it, it's because I think you and your party how to start a restaurant in washington state taken all of the things that I'm proud of about this country and corrupted them until I fear that the country that the world has come to admire and respect will soon be almost non-existent.

Let's review: 1. Reversal of the Federal Childcare Program. For over thirty years this country has been begging, pleading, demanding a universal, federal childcare program to provide better options for parents with young children and to raise the standards of care and compensation for early childhood workers who make perhaps slightly more than what a full time employee at McDonald's pulls in.

Finally it looked like there was light at the end of the tunnel and that a universal program, while still somewhat flawed, would come to pass! And then the Liberal government fell and the Conservatives began their first minority government. You quashed the program and replaced it with In place of childcare. So who does this help?

People who stay home with their children, or who have family provide their childcare, I suppose. So, basically all those who didn't really need the money in the first place.

Opposition to Gay Marriage I don't know that I really how to address stephen harper in a letter to say too much here. Seeing you at a rally where people are holding up narrow-minded signs reading "Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve" is enough for me. I get that this is a personal held belief that others may not agree with, but this is my letter.

Prorogation of Parliament What shall we teach the country today? Hmm, how about But to do this, and claim that it's not because you're avoiding dealing with a damning report about the treatment of detainees in Afghanistan, or your government's failure to meet carbon emission standards, but because you need to focus on the economy Opposition to a women's right to choose. Again--I don't know that I should have to say much more than that.

To vilify women who make what may very well be the toughest decision of their lives, whatever the reason is shameful. Those of us who believe in the right to choose are not "pro-abortion", we are "pro choice". Appointment of more than questionable minsters, "watchdogs", advisers Christiane Ouimet, the so-called "Integrity Commissioner" who investigated seven out of complaints from public service whistle-blowers.

The aforementioned Bev Oda who, despite admitting to lying about purposely cutting funding to Kairos, maintained her cabinet position and was practically championed by you as a hero for standing up for what she felt was right. Um, pardon? Former PMO advisor Bruce Carson was convicted on five counts of fraud and somehow your office doesn't know about this? Don't blame the RCMP; even if you knew nothing about this the very fact that someone obviously lacking in moral character is working for your office speaks volume about the kind of government you lead.

So what exactly is it that you DO stand for? It's not equal rights for women, gays, or supporting low-income families how to address stephen harper in a letter seniors. It's not affordable tuition rates, transparency in government or hell, even a proper democracy and it's not preserving the environment or investing in clean energy.

As far as I can tell you stand for the rich getting richer and enforcing your own rigid, marginalizing, fear-mongering morality on an entire country. That's not my Canada. You and the "Harper Government" have no right to lead us.

Kath April 9, at PM. Alwynn April 11, at AM. How to grow daphne plant Posts January 05, January 03,

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Apr 14,  · A handwritten letter to Stephen Harper. April 14, // 0. After a friend asked me for a reminiscence of where I was when Paul Henderson scored that winning goal against Russia back in , I recalled how proud we all were to be Canadians during that memorable hockey series. And that moved me to send a handwritten letter to Stephen Harper. Aug 17,  · A Cry for Help: An Open Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper 08/17/ am ET Updated May 25, "The children of Adam are limbs of each other, Having been created of Author: Shirin Neshat. A letter to Stephen Harper Dear Mr. Harper I would like to explain to you why it is that I will not be voting for your party in the upcoming election. Despite the fact that I'm relatively certain that Finance Minster Joe Flaherty will most likely be re-elected within my riding.

When the calamity of time afflicts one limb The other limbs cannot remain at rest. If thou hast no sympathy for the troubles of others Thou art unworthy to be called by the name of Man.

These are the words of the 13th century Persian poet, Saadi. Growing up in Iran, we had our own definitions of what certain countries represented to us: the British were seen as colonizers who tried to steal our oil and the Americans were seen as imperialists who dashed the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people by overthrowing Dr. Mossadegh's elected government in a CIA Coup in But when it came to Canada, we fell short of any wrong doing to attribute to them.

To us, Canada represented a nation that stood for peace, democracy and most importantly, demonstrated a spirit of generosity by welcoming a host of people from countries with oppressive regimes seeking 'security' and 'freedom. As I write this letter however, I can't help but wonder if the Canadian government still stands by this principle today.

Maziar may have been a journalist on an assignment when he was arrested; but those of us who know him well, are aware that he is foremost an artist of the highest caliber, with a great humanitarian perspective. But Maziar's art, whether a piece of theatre, a documentary or a fictional film always remained inseparable from the reality of the world he lived in. He found no choice but to place himself at risk by going to Iraq during the worst days of battle, or to be present for the Iranian election.

Unlike many of us artists who choose to live in 'exile' as a space for creativity; Maziar was the storyteller that had to get close to his subjects. Sadly, Maziar is now trapped in Tehran's notorious Evin prison for some baseless, false accusation made against him by the Iranian government which one needs not repeat as they are so shamefully untrue. We in the world now are well aware of the atrocities that are practiced in Iranian prisons.

And as a fellow artist I can't help but be terribly worried about Maziar's state of uncertainty. His life is in jeopardy as Zahra Kazemi's life was in jeopardy, when she too was taken to this same prison where Maziar sits today.

Then the call for help came too late and Ms. Kazemi, a Canadian citizen, was brutally murdered in prison under false allegations. I answer: I would hope that the United States government comes to my rescue. I would pray that President Obama would speak in the media demanding my freedom as he once did for Roxanne Saberi Maziar is a jewel of an artist to any society. Let us protect our artists so they can live to go on to tell our stories.

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