How to get internet without a phone line uk

how to get internet without a phone line uk

How to get broadband without a landline

In short, yes, you can get broadband without a phone line, but your choices are limited. Most UK providers work on the BT-owned Openreach network, which carries the broadband signal into your home via the old copper telephone wires. This is true even with fibre, where the fibre cables only run as far as your nearest street cabinet. Jun 04,  · If you want the speed of fibre broadband but without the phone line there's really only one choice and that's Virgin Media. It's the one company that doesn't use the national telecoms network.

Unlike standard ADSL, fibre optic broadband is supplied through cables that run separately from the phone network to your home. This means you can get internet access without an active phone line and your connection will be much faster. However, there are two different types of fibre and whether you can drop your landline will depend on availability in your area how to break a lease in las vegas. Fibre to the premises FTTP : Known as pure fibre, this supplies superfast broadband directly to your home over a fibre optic cable.

Availability is limited and it is much more expensive than standard broadband and FTTC. Fibre to the cabinet FTTC : A fibre optic cable supplies broadband to a central cabinet on your street, but is then connected to your home over a copper phone wire. It is slower than FTTP, but is more affordable and more widely available.

If you have an active phone line at your home, it is much cheaper to get fibre with a phone line, as most suppliers offer discounts on packages. You can compare current fibre broadband and phone deals using our comparison how much is customs duty in us. You can register your interest to help bring fibre optic broadband to your area. Most major suppliers give you the option to register your details and will keep you updated when fibre becomes available where you live.

This is a cheap and flexible way to get online without a home phone, how to get internet without a phone line uk usually comes with lower speeds and data limits.

It works by connecting your laptop or tablet to the internet using a mobile phone signal, usually via a USB dongle. If you only use the internet for checking emails and browsing the web, it is a great way to get online without the tie of a home phone contract. Mobile broadband is ideally suited for low level internet use and is unlikely to meet your needs if you spend a lot of time gaming, or regularly downloading music and video.

This works by beaming an internet signal to a satellite dish fixed to your home. It could be an option if you live in a rural area or are unable to access fibre broadband. Although you could save on line rental and the costs of a phone, the additional equipment and setup fees make satellite broadband expensive.

It is usually slower and less reliable than ADSL or fibre broadband, so should only be considered as a last resort. Many broadband suppliers include a what is nchar in sql package free with the cost of your broadband, so it might be cheaper to keep your broadband and phone combined. If you still decide to cancel how to get internet without a phone line uk home phone, your best option may be to wait until your contract ends and then shop around for the best broadband only deal.

You could remove your phone line from an existing broadband package but you still have to pay line rental if you use an ADSL connection. Some suppliers do not let you cancel part of your package mid way through a contract. This means you might need to cancel your whole contract and set up a new broadband only deal. Many broadband companies offer new customer discounts or introductory deals, so this could be a cost saving alternative to cancelling part of your existing package.

Our guide to switching suppliers will tell you how you can do this. Make sure you get a broadband deal that is affordable and comes with a download limit and download speed that will suit how you use the internet. Sign up to receive our e-mails, containing the latest financial news and deals and money saving help.

How to get broadband without a phone line. If you rarely use your home phone or live in a house without an active phone line, there are still ways to get online. Here is how to get your broadband without a phone line. Can you get broadband without a phone line? Yes, but your options are limited.

More flexibility No phone bills How to get internet without a phone line uk cold calls Not always cheaper No landline number Limited broadband options. What broadband should you get? What if fibre optic broadband is not available where you live? Is mobile broadband right for you? Compare the best broadband packages without a phone line here.

Compare broadband deals Make sure you get a broadband deal that is affordable and comes with a download limit and download speed that will suit how you use the internet. In this guide. What are your options? Fibre broadband Mobile broadband Satellite broadband What if you have an existing package?

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Do you need a landline?

With download speeds of up to 90Mbps, you’re guaranteed to get superfast coverage. And with 4G in more places than any other UK network, EE’s wireless router is an obvious alternative for homes with broadband speeds slower than 10Mbps.

Each of these connections has their own benefits and downsides, and some have more limited availability than others if you want to get broadband without line rental. Some locations in the UK will be able to get broadband with no phone line easier than others, as it depends on those types of broadband being available in your area. It may actually work out to be cheaper to upgrade to a fibre broadband connection.

You can check to see which packages and connection types are available in your area with the Uswitch broadband postcode checker. Moving to a fibre or cable connection will mean you'll more likely be able to get broadband without a phone line, but it will depend on what types of fibre are available in your specific area.

Fibre-to-the-cabinet FTTC broadband, which offers superfast speeds between Mbps, is by far the most widely-available fibre connection, but it still uses the same copper phone lines as ADSL from your local green street cabinet to your home, so you'll still need a phone line for this type of broadband to work too.

These are the only fixed-line broadband services that deliver a signal to your home without the use of phone lines. So while FTTC broadband is widely available, it's not the same as full fibre as it still requires a landline to connect to your home.

Your best bet if you want to get broadband without a phone line but you cna't access the above services is to consider mobile broadband.

With 4G essentially a standard in most areas, and 5G rolling out to an increasing number of locations, mobile broadband has a very wide amount of coverage and is getting faster than ever. A 5G mobile broadband hub could legitimately compete with some ultrafast fixed-broadband speeds, so it may be a great alternative if you don't want to keep paying for a landline you never use.

If you have access to either full fibre broadband, cable broadband or mobile broadband, you could say goodbye to your traditional landline and still access great broadband speeds. So here are some of the pros and cons of each:. Mobile broadband that runs on a 4G network will have average speeds of 24Mbps, which would be enough for basic online activities like email, Facebook, video calling and a bit of streaming. However, they could be limiting if you wanted to do more, especially if other members of your household are trying to do the same.

Streaming Netflix on speeds like this with a family who is also using the internet would be frustrating and you'd spend a lot of time waiting for episodes to buffer. Obviously, the big game-changer for mobile broadband is the rollout of 5G across the UK. If you have a 5G mobile contract, you could also tether your devices to your phone to experience these speeds without a 5G broadband hub.

Read our more detailed guide on how to tether your mobile phone. Mobile broadband is a very flexible option, giving you access to your internet connection wherever you are, and it's often the cheapest broadband without line rental available.

Its biggest disadvantage is reception, as there are plenty of areas in the UK that have a weak signal. You should always check each network's coverage maps ——— especially for 5G —— before making any mobile broadband purchases. If mobile broadband sounds like might suit your needs, compare Uswitch's best-selling mobile broadband deals now. Even though some homes can get cable or fibre broadband without line rental, it can be hard to find a provider that actually offers Wi-Fi without a landline for most premises in the UK.

Currently, Virgin Media has the most widely-available fixed broadband network that doesn't need a phone line. Because Virgin Media operates independently on its own cable network, the company offers several different broadband-only deals with no landline included. So even though you can get broadband without a phone line, it may still be cheaper in some cases to get a landline and just not use it.

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