How to have a green eyed baby

how to have a green eyed baby

Baby Eye Color Calculator

The child will have green eyes if it receives green alleles from both the parents or one green and one blue allele. Most of the babies born with blue eyes because the newborns take time for producing the pigment cannot determine the exact color of the babys eyes until he or she turns three. Sep 25, A baby's eye color may also reveal congenital diseases and other conditions. Babies whose eyes are different colorsknown as heterochromiamay have Waardenburg syndrome, a genetic condition that can cause hearing loss in one or both ears. People with Waardenburg syndrome may also be born with very pale eyes or one eye that is two colors.

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You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I know that two blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed baby, two brown eyed parents only have brown eyed baby a blue eyed parent and a brown eyed parent are more likely to have a brown eyed child, but what makes a green eyed child?

S apart from two green eyed parents. Here grene the deal, I looked this up not so long ago because I know someone who's parents have blue eyes and green eyes respectively.

The children have green, blue, and brown. This seems impossible, right? There is brown, blue, and hazel. Hazel can manifest as a hazel sort of browngreen, grey, or even blue or green with brown spots or freckles in the eyes. The order of dominance is brown over hazel and blue, hazel over blue, and blue is recessive. Therefore, two parents with true blue eyes not blue with brown spots, or grey Parents with hazel eyes any manifestation of hazel cannot have children with how to have a green eyed baby brown eyes, though the hazel eyes might look brown sometimes.

Parents with brown eyes can have any combination as long as the parents are heterozygous. So, to answer your question: green with green, or green with blue cannot produce a truly brown-eyed child. My parents both have dark to medium brown eyes but I have green eyes :P My sister and brother both have dark brown though. So I guess two brown eyed parents could. Actually there are only two basic colors for eye genes.

The first is blue and the second brown. When someone has green, hazel, or other colors then it's tl to a mutation from eating unclean foods or environmental reasons. Trending News. Indianapolis FedEx shooting victims identified. Pentagon confirms eyee UFO photos, video are real.

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CNN host defends cop: 'Not all police shootings are equal'. How to have a green eyed baby star wishes A-Rod, J. Lo 'the best' amid text drama. Looking for incentive to move? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Baby With Green Eyes. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. I have green eyes.

My mom has hazel eyes and my havs has blue eyes. I have really bright green eyes. My father has grey eyes, and my mother has brown eyes.

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Chances Of Your Baby Eye Color

Aug 19, so for a person (baby) to have green eyes he should get a blue and a brown gene and the blue gene should be strong!!! eye genetics are really complicated so i hope i made it a little clear!! Simple genetics you see that means one of the child grandparents have green eyes you see the green eye gene would be passed into one of or both of the parents depending on which grandparents have green eyed genes the green eyed gene is just less dominant or recessive to the brown or/and blue eyed gene so green eyed gene is not expressed so then when the child comes it gets the green eyed gene . Aug 03, Interesting. We both have green eyes and our first has brown eyes. Our 3 week old has eyes that appear blue but look green from the side. Also my oldest says she has green eyes and since I believe everything my kids say I think my baby will have green eyes. Then Ill have a blue eyed girl, a brown eyed girl and a green eyed girl.

I never answer this question until the child is at least 1 year old; I mean, what if the parents believe me and use my answer to make major life decisions?

After all, the pupil will always be black, except in flash photos, and the whites sclera should stay pretty much white, although jaundice may turn them yellow and inflammation may make them look pink or red. Iris color, just like hair and skin color, depends on a protein called melanin. We have specialized cells in our bodies called melanocytes whose job it is to go around secreting melanin. Over time, if melanocytes only secrete a little melanin, your baby will have blue eyes.

If they secrete a bit more, his eyes will look green or hazel. When melanocytes get really busy, eyes look brown the most common eye color , and in some cases they may appear very dark indeed.

The color change does slow down some after the first 6 months of life, but there can be plenty of change left at that point. For the first 6 months of life this can be normal. To begin with, to look at something the brain has to know where to point the eyes. Parents often feel like their newborns are looking past them rather than at them, because they are. Most visual development occurs in the brain, not in the eyes themselves.

One of the greatest challenges for the developing brain is to coordinate visual signals from one side to the other.

Nerve signals from the eyes travel through optic nerves and split off to both sides of the brain. To make sense of those signals, the 2 sides of the brain have to cooperate, comparing information and coordinating eye movement in the desired direction.

Until age 2 months you may notice your infant will follow your face or a toy a little way, then lose it as it crosses from one side to the other. By 2 months, however, he should be able to track from right to left and back again. The next big visual milestone occurs at 6 months of age. By this time the 2 sides of the brain are on good terms with each other. Until this point the eyes track together as long as they both have something to look at, but if one is deprived of input from being covered by a hat, for example , it might drift off in its own direction.

By 6 months of age the eyes should continue looking the same direction even if one of them is covered temporarily. We call this test the cover-uncover test. Deviations occur more often when the child is tired.

When the brain is forced to make 1 picture from 2 very different inputs, it starts to ignore the signals from the worse eye. Over time this process becomes irreversible, leading to partial blindness in the weaker eye.

Treatments for amblyopia vary based on the cause and severity of the condition. Some children require glasses or patches that force the brain to pay attention to signals from the weaker eye.

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Healthy Living. Safety and Prevention. Family Life. Health Issues. Tips and Tools. Our Mission. Find a Pediatrician. Text Size. Newborn Eye Color. Page Content. Two brown-eyed parents are likely but not guaranteed to have a child with brown eyes. If you notice one of the grandparents has blue eyes, the chances of having a blue-eyed baby go up a bit. If one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue eyes, odds are about even on eye color.

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