How to install mountain lion from dvd

how to install mountain lion from dvd

Install macOS Lion Using a Bootable DVD

Nov 24,  · Support while shopping at Amazon Amazon US - more info see my video helps you please like i. Jul 22,  · Insert the Install macOS Lion DVD you created earlier into your Mac's optical drive. Restart the Mac. As soon as the Mac restarts, use the startup .

Home » Tech Companies » Apple. As part of the upgrade process, your Emergency Recovery Boot Partition will be upgraded to support re-installs of Mountain Lion without the need for an external installer.

But what if you want to install Mountain Lion on another computer that is supported? So, if you do want to create an installer DVD and you could do this with a USB drive as wellhere how to properly dispose of lithium ion batteries the steps to do so.

See updated instructions below. The installer will automatically launch once it is completed downloading. Remember to copy and not move. You can see that the installer is about 4. From the copy that you created of the installer e. The next step is to burn the actual DVD.

I have tested this out and it seems to work. Here are the steps:. When both are mounted, it should look something how to install mountain lion from dvd this:. The process mt rushmore in what state copying will take a few minutes but you will see the progress on the Terminal screen. Thanks again Benoit! I have not tested this process but here are the steps. You can then select your new installer from the how to install mountain lion from dvd of options that appear on start up.

Did these steps work for you? Leave a comment! Size 4. Now, the how to calculate stair stringers is Apple did a dmg of 4. So Disk Utility see only the total capacity ilon the dmg 4.

Thank you for sharing this! Happy to help!. You have to add the -p option to the cp command. Testing a different method.

Should work, my friend just did it and it worked flawlessly. I scraped my only dvd i brought to work when i mounatin without the ffom option. Yeah, I have burned through 1 DVD already. Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong? I ran into that issue once before. I had to recreate the DMG and run the repair disk to make it bootable as well. Be sure that you select the right partition type GUID one. Or you could read down in the comments installl Benoit listed an additional flag.

Try going through it again and watch for those errors. Very strange! Still not working here. On my InstallESD. When I make a single-layer disk image to copy to, I see a capacity of 4. What could I be missing? Thanks for any help! So, when you did the cp, you had both the InstallESD. Post a screenshot if you want. Here is the Terminal. I posted the image of the partition. But Ibstall was able to get it to work.

Perhaps if you posted or wrote down each step that you do, then you might be able to bring to light the issue. Single layer DVD. When you follow the above exactly there will not be enough room on the created image for the terminal command to copy everything over and it will fail.

Its verifying now, I will post here if it does not work. Then I copied the ibstall exactly as you had it written down for. You used the Apple Partition Map. Use the Apple Partition Map. I can confirm this works.

Ah yes! You are right! I was trying different things. I will update the post. Thanks for catching. This is why 8f8faa7aaf9a2c8ff5f7abdisqus and 70c8cfe0f26cecdd14bc8:disqus were having problems. The Apple Partition Map will work. This is why Jon and dto were having problems. All fixed now! I frok the screenshot image of the time I tried the Apple Partition Frm. Yes, it does take forever to boot. Thanks a lot everyone! The apple partition worked great.

Is there any explanation for why it takes so long to boot? And dv, do I have to perform a factory reset on Lion before I install it or does it give you an option to reset your hard drive during installation? As far as I can tell, this is the only place on the internets that has a tutorial for burning Mountain Lion to a single layer DVD. I knew there was a workaround out there somewhere. I bet next release, we will have to actually remove some files to get it to fit. Keep up the good work.

These are the options available to you when you boot from the DVD. Not sure why it takes so long to boot. The DVD sounds busy the entire time it is booting. The reason it takes so long to boot is because the install image is not optimized for optical media.

Before, when Apple shipped OS updates on DVDs, the layout of the files and folders were fine-tuned to what are racquetballs made of with the way the disc spins and the laser operates in your optical drive. Now, with software distribution being electronic, such optimizations are no longer made, because they are unnecessary.

In other words, it takes so long because you are doing something booting off a DVD that Apple never planned for.

Is this normal? Which one should I select? What option do I press once it has booted to it? Avoid having to buy a new start up disk? Or is that wishful thinking? Really informative and useful post. Very detailed and instructional guide and easy to follow steps. Thanks Michael :. Older versions of Disk Utility e. Thanks for how to cut roof angles useful guide! Tom, thank you a TON. Among all the options that were just too cumbersome to navigate, the Terminal really is the way to go.

This was the easiest option out there. The instructions should be in the blog post. If you follow the steps outlined in the article as well how to install mountain lion from dvd in the comments, it should work, unless newer versions of Mountain Lion from Apple have bloated the installer. Is there miuntain way to do it using an old disk utility? If I have done all the steps, maybe there is a way to make such. If it is greyed-out it is not.

To mount the volume, select it and click the Activate-button next to the Burn button.

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Jul 25,  · It's very easy to load Mountain Lion on a USB hard drive, flash drive, disk or DVD. All you need is to download it from the Mac App Store and either a DVD or USB drive . Aug 08,  · How to Make a Mountain Lion Install Drive or DVD Steps: 1) Open the Mac App Store and purchase the OS X Mountain Lion (20$). IF you've already purchased it.

Installing macOS Lion While this allows you to get your hands on Lion quickly, it has a few drawbacks. For one, this method does not include a bootable DVD, which would allow you to perform clean installs on your Mac, as well as having a bootable OS from which to run Disk Utility. Apple attempted to address the need to be able to run Disk Utility by including a recovery drive with Lion. During the Lion installation process, a special recovery disk partition is created. It includes a stripped-down version of Lion that lets you boot your Mac and run a small number of utilities, including Disk Utility.

It also lets you reinstall Lion, if necessary. However, if the drive that the recovery partition is on goes bad, you're out of luck. For this and many other reasons, you need to know how to create a bootable version of the macOS Lion installer and how to use the bootable DVD to erase a hard drive and then install Lion on it. This process—sometimes referred to as a clean install—lets you install Lion on a disk that is empty or has no pre-existing OS installed on it.

You use the bootable macOS install DVD you created to install Lion on a disk that you erase as part of the installation process. You will be erasing one of your volumes to use as the target for the Lion install, so you should have a complete, current backup of that drive. All the data on the drive will be lost. If you have a current backup, you're ready to continue.

As soon as the Mac restarts, use the startup keyboard shortcut by holding down the C key. This forces your Mac to boot from the DVD. When you see the Apple logo and the spinning gear, release the C key. The boot process takes a long time, so be patient.

Turn on all monitors that are connected to your Mac because in some multi-monitor setups, the main display may not be the default monitor used by the macOS Lion installer. After you complete the boot process, your Mac will display the macOS Utilities window.

To erase the target disk for your Lion install, select Disk Utility from the list and then select Continue. Disk Utility opens and displays a list of connected drives. This process can take some time. Select the disk you want to be the target for your macOS Lion install.

You're going to erase this disk, so if you haven't performed a current backup of the data on the disk, stop and do it now. Select the Erase tab.

Give the disk a name, such as Lion, or maybe Fred—whatever you like. Select Erase. A drop-down window appear, asking you to confirm that you want to erase the target disk. Disk Utility erases the drive. The macOS Utilities window will reappear. The Lion installer appears. Select Continue. Accept the macOS Lion license agreement by selecting Agree. A drop-down window appears, asking if you agree to the license terms.

Select Agree. A list of disks appears. Select the disk you want to install Lion on. This should be the same disk you erased earlier. Select Install. The Lion installer copies the necessary files to the target disk.

The installer may also download necessary components from the Apple website. A progress bar appears with an estimate of the time to copy the needed files.

After all the necessary files are copied to the target disk, your Mac restarts. After your Mac restarts, the installation process continues. A progress bar displays an estimate of the installation time, which can run from 10 to 30 minutes. That's it. You have installed macOS Lion on a disk you erased to produce a clean install. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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