How to make a myspace band page

how to make a myspace band page

HOW TO: Sync Your Band's Myspace Page With Your Facebook Fan Page

Jun 15,  · Click on the link to “Add A Song,” and you’ll see this screen: MySpace Add a Song Page Use the “Browse” function to locate the file, then click “Upload.” Be . Apr 12,  · A how to lesson on How To Create A Band Profile On Myspace that will improve your starting a band, putting your music on myspace skills. Learn how to get goo.

It also makes it easier to manage their digital identity. The app is extremely easy to use. If you've dealt with products like Band Pages how to make a myspace band page ReverbNation's Facebook app, you should have no trouble installing it. You can also access the app through Myspace here. After doing so, your Myspace page will show up as a tab titled "Music" on your Facebook Page, complete with all your songs, albums, videos, photos, blogs posts and events.

When fans listen to tracks, the player opens as a pop-up, which is actually pretty nice if users want to navigate away from the page and continue listening.

You can how to make a myspace band page upload custom, clickable marquees and edit the theme of the app so that it matches that of your Myspace Page customization is executed on Myspace. It's fair to say that Myspace's latest Facebook crossover — the site announced a Facebook integration last year — enters a crowded field, what with Band Pages, ReverbNation, Topspin Media, damntheradio and others, already on the scene.

Still, Wick believes how to connect a coaxial cable to a tv it will beat out the competition when it comes to appealing to bands. Still, it lacks some of the features that services like ReverbNation boast: the ability to set up the ever-popular "Like-for-a-track" gate and robust stats in-app.

Myspace does offer stats on its backend thanks to an integration with ReverbNation. Wick does have a point, though: There are nearly 14 million bands on Myspace, and it would be far easier to port over all of one's music and tour dates to Mysspace than to start from scratch with another app. At this juncture, we know what you're all thinking: Isn't Myspace going to be sold? What bsnd will that have on the future of this app? We're using cookies how to regain your memory improve kake experience.

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Apr 15,  · hope this helps!Constructive critisism only, please. . Although this sounds easy, it can be a bit difficult sometimes (hence the proliferation of MySpace customizing sites). Unfortunately, band sites are not as easy to customize as personal pages. First of all, as with a personal page, there are no instructions on the site on how to customize it. May 11,  · Myspace is out with a new Facebook App that allows bands to port their Myspace Pages to their Facebook Fan Pages. "Every artist has a Myspace Page Author: Brenna Ehrlich.

The first thing to do is create an account. Amazingly, this is the trickiest step of all. You need the music page, shown here:. MySpace Music Page. To open an account you need to fill in the brief form and agree to abide by their rules all very straight forward.

The MySpace Registration Form. They give you one, named Tom — the MySpace guy — to start you off. But the mind boggles at the possibilities for www. So, the next thing to do is get some of your tunes up there — but note that you must hold copyrights for them. MySpace Add a Song Page. Hint: use MP3 files, not. Once complete, you can select an image to accompany the song. However, you can add more pictures — say, of a gig, or those head shots that turned out so well — and put them in a slide show.

Add a list of your upcoming shows, so people can come out and see you. You can do all this from your page. MySpace Band Page Screenshot. Of course, there are ways to spruce up your page and give it real individuality. People want a page that loads quickly and is easily navigable. Throw in the kitchen sink and people are just going to pass you by. Sometimes a little simplicity is best. Best new shows Best new movies What we expect from Apple's event. You need the music page, shown here: MySpace Music Page To open an account you need to fill in the brief form and agree to abide by their rules all very straight forward.

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