How to make a paper power ranger samurai sword

how to make a paper power ranger samurai sword

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Apr 08,  · Subscribe for more amazing videos! Hey everyone! Welcome to my tutorial on this paper (samurai) sword. Grab a piece of paper and s. Jun 24,  · FREE TEMPLATE: send me a message there so I can send you the template)

He was the one that cursed Dayu and Deker to live on as Nighloks. Broken Dreams He had since recruited both Dayu and Deker, manipulating them both to help him in exchange for him relieving them of their curse.

According to legend, Serrator was most prominently known as the legendary Nighlok King who ruled over his kind with an iron fist and whose goal was to split the Earth in half in order to merge both Earth and the Netherworld into one whole world where he'd rule as the supreme ruler.

If the legend were to be believed, that would make him be the Nighlok leader prior to Xandred, however, what's definite is that he led a faction independent to that of the master. Through under unknown means, most likely having something to do with Serrator, Uramasa ended up in Dayu's hand. Uramasa was supposed to be a wedding gift from Dayu to Deker. The night of Dayu and Deker's wedding, their house caught on fire, in which Dayu called for help to save her husband Deker, who got badly affected by the fire.

Serrator appeared as a shadow and offered to save Deker's life, but for a price. He simply offered Dayu to simply trade her humanity for an eternity in the Netherworld. Deker will live, but with no memories, while Dayu still retained her memories. Serrator appearing before Dayu after the fire.

Before making himself known to Master Xandred, Serrator sent one of his servants Switchbeast to assist him in their shared goal to flood the Earth with the message that he served a different master. Trading Places Soon he makes himself known to Xandred, not as a king, but as a Nighlok who's been trapped for centuries, and had been only recently freed and powered up by surges in the Sanzu River.

He offers his services to Xandred, who he calls 'master' and vows unflinching loyalty to him. In addition, he brings with him new Moogers eagerly awaiting his orders. He makes himself known to the Rangers where none of their attacks were able to harm him. Serrator even cuts a piece of paper into shape and transforms it into Papyrox.

When Antonio Garcia arrives and manages to harm Serrator, he leaves stating that the Rangers "passed the test" for now. Something Fishy. Serrator would attack the Earth personally, with his Papyroxfor a second time.

During the second attack, he was also aided by stronger, different colored Moogers and Spitfangs, as well. As with his first attack on Earth, he and his minions were defeated.

Continuing his evil plans, Serrator once again recruited both Dayu and Deker while also offering to fix their broken items. As a temporary replacement for Uramasa, Serrator gave Deker a Mooger's sword. As a temporary replacement for Dayu's harmonium, he gave Dayu a dagger which contains special powers. He threw a dark spell on the island of Monolua to make them all fight each other and also to make the Sanzu River rise. When the Samurai Rangers arrived at the island, Serrator had Deker, Dayu and himself split into threes just so they can defeat the rangers.

When he found out the rangers survived the how to break 85 in golf, he sent Malden and his master blasters, only for them to be defeated how to make a paper power ranger samurai sword the rangers and the new weapon they acquired, the Bullzooka.

Then the Rangers put out the fire Serrator made it to cast a dark spell with the Bullzooka. As a last-ditch effort, he sent a Papyrox along with two Spitfangs, only for them to be defeated and Serrator's plan thwarted. Trust Me Super Samurai. Later, Dayu began to tire of waiting for her Harmonium to be fixed, while Xandred's headaches were becoming worse without Dayu's music.

Serrator went to fetch the Harmonium, however, Octoroo tagged along to ensure he would be true to his word. While on Earth, Serrator claimed he had his own agenda, one which didn't involve Xandred or Dayu, however, her Harmonium was essential in his traitorous motives.

Octoroo briefly fought Serrator, before leaving to inform Xandred of Serrator's treachery. Serrator was then attacked by Dayu, who wanted her harmonium back, and the Rangers in an attempt to destroy how to make a paper power ranger samurai sword. Suddenly, Master Xandred arrived on Earth despite the fact that he would quickly dry and weaken. Seeing he was outnumbered, Serrator fled. Due to severely drying out, during his time on Earth, Master Xandred was forced to completely immerse himself how to make a paper power ranger samurai sword the Sanzu River, for an indefinite amount to time.

While Xandred was hydrating, at the bottom of the Sanzu River, Serrator easily took command of Xandred's ship and became the undisputed leader of both his faction and Xandred's faction of the Nighloks. The Master Returns. Eventually, the Rangers discovered that all of Serrator's attacks form a line. During the next battle, Serrator explained the meaning of the line to the Rangers which is to have Deker cut the Earth in two just so Serrator can rule both Earth and the Netherworld, which he intended him to do once he returned Uramasa to him as payment.

How to make dreams more vivid all the wedges were set, Serrator located the weakest point between Earth and the Netherworld. A Crack in the World. When Deker arrived at the spot, Serrator returned Uramasa to him, just so he can strike the final point before it explodes.

However, Deker instead slashed Serrator, revealing that all he had wanted was Uramasa repaired and didn't share the hatred of humanity that most other Nighloks shared before leaving.

Serrator was enraged and attempted to take out his wrath on the Samurai Rangers, however, his first form was destroyed by a Five-Disk Octo Cannon and Super Bullzooka combination attack. Serrator took on Jayden in his personal Megazord and easily overwhelmed him. However, before he could finish it off, the Octo Spear Megazord and Claw Battlezord How to fix droopy breasts blocked his downward swing and shoved him back.

The Rangers then formed the Samurai Gigazord but found that even the Shogun Strike wasn't enough to defeat the Nighlok King since he caught the finishing attack and threw it right back. To this end, they summoned the Shark Zord for assistance and, combining into the Samurai Shark Gigazordthe Rangers were finally able to destroy Serrator once and for all with the Ultimate Samurai Slash which cuts him right down the middle.

Before exploding, Serrator complained that he was supposed to split the world open, not get split in half himself. Stroke of Fate. Serrator is a monstrously sadistic Nighlok, who warps things to his way in the end whenever he is making deals, alliances, and formulating plans.

He always pretends to appear as a kind, chivalrous, loyal, respectful, calm, polite, patient, sophisticated, and formal Nighlok towards Nighlok and human alike, though he is not above losing his temper if his plans go awry.

He stands in stark contrast with Master Xandredalways acting in polite sophistication and calm, teacher-like eloquence, even when doing his horrid acts, compared to Xandred's blunt, vicious temper. However, under all that sophistication and deception, his only allegiance is to himself and he will stop at nothing to rule both Earth and the Netherworld as its supreme and absolute ruler.

No matter how risky a plan is, he'll enact it even if it means his own life, indicating he places more importance on Nighlok supremacism than his own life. This shows a very fanatical side of him. His arrogance may be subject to flaws in his plan, such as giving too much away towards the climax to his foes. What happened to mark kirk example is, that he lost Xandred's trust when making deals with Dayu and Deker to repair their respective weapons, which may have been due to the fact he needed to quickly adjust plans to best suit the given situation.

His sadism is also very apparent, to go along with his arrogance, as he is known to make twisted deals with his victims what can be done to prevent crime the promise of what they want, only to take it away once they agree to his terms, oftentimes making them a monstrous shell of their former selves.

He enjoys causing death how to make a paper power ranger samurai sword despair, perhaps even more so than his fellow Nighloks and even Xandred himself. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. I am Serrator and I shall be your servant.

I had spent a very long time at the bottom of the Sanzu River. Being worthless and weak is unnatural for a Nighlok, but thanks to a recent power surge, Master, I finally regained this kind of power! How illuminating! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Serrator and I recently became the newest passenger aboard Master Xandred's ship. The last time I walked in this pitiful realm was so long ago. I've returned to shake the very foundation of your world. But for now, shall we test how tough you really are?

Test time. Ha ha ha ha ha! You will all pay the ultimate price! I was supposed to split open your world! You weren't supposed to do it how to make a paper power ranger samurai sword me!

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The Power Ranger Sword features a spinning disc just like the sword that is shown in the TV series. When the disc starts spinning then the Zord comes to life in animation sequence. This Samurai Spin sword comes with a holster and clip and your child can wear it on his belt or waistband and can take it /5(10). Feb 14,  · My brief review of the Mega Blade toy from the Power Rangers Samurai toyline. It costs roughly $ and is in stores now! Best Power Rangers sword toy I've. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Get the power of the Samurai with the Samurai Spin Sword wielded by all the Power Rangers The Samurai Spin Sword has a disc that spins, as seen in the TV show and the reflective surface of the sword Reviews:

They all come from a place called the Netherworld and the Nighloks need to bathe in the Sanzu River 's waters once in a while or else they dry up. The Nighloks want to flood the Sanzu River with the sorrows of humans and into the crevice from the Netherworld to the Earth.

Master Xandred is the leader of the Nighloks and is armed with a broadsword. The most powerful of the Nighlok, Xandred is prone to frequent violent outbursts, usually directed at the failure of his subordinates to destroy the Rangers. He seeks to cause the Sanzu River to flood with the despair of humans, allowing him to enter the world of the living and conquer it.

His rage was originally endless until he heard the sound of Dayu's Harmonium. Master Xandred was sealed within the Netherworld years ago in a battle with the last team of Samurai Rangers led by Jayden's father, who perished after using his symbol power to imprison Xandred.

Master Xandred possesses enormous strength and power, easily able to overpower the Samurai Rangers in their first encounter, and is proven to be a capable swordsman. Power energy radiates from his body that can sometimes incapacitate him but has also been shown to create new Moogers and Spit Fangs. However he displays a number of fatal weakneses as well. Because of the incomplete seal that the original Red Ranger placed on him Master Xandred's power is not at its peak. Not only that but he constantly suffers from a headache that only Octoroo's sake -like medicine and the music from Dayu's harmonium are able to soothe his constant headaches are an homage to past Power Rangers villain Rita Repulsa.

Like other Nighlok, Master Xandred's body dries out if he's not in the Netherworld, although he dries out much faster than any other Nighlok whether or not this is a result of the seal on him it is never stated and it takes longer for the Sanzu River's polluted water to soak back into his body.

He plans to go to Earth through a gap. Though Octoroo advises him not to, Master Xandred makes his return to Earth planning to destroy Serrator along with the Samurai Rangers. Instantly Master Xandred starts to dry up, but he fights the Rangers anyway and completely overpowers them.

Jayden goes to take him on with his Bullzooka, but Master Xandred manage to block all the shots. He is able to beat Jayden even in Super Samurai Mode, leaving him badly hurt and unable to stand up. Afterwards, Master Xandred repaired and gave Dayu back her harmonium.

Master Xandred is about to completely dry up when Octoroo brings him into the Netherworld to rejuvenate, sinking to the bottom of the Sanzu River. This ends up giving Serrator the opportunity to take over Master Xandred's ship. Voiced by Jeff Szusterman. Dayu formerly known as Dalia is one of Master Xandred's two followers, a female figure with a shamisen.

Before becoming a Nighlok, she was a newlywed to Deker. But when a fire implying to have been set up purposely by Serrator burned their house down and injured Deker leaving him with moments left to live. A mysterious Nighlok appeared later revealed to be Serrator who offered Deker's life back in exchange for her humanity.

When she accepted the deal, Deker indeed lived on but as half-human, half-Nighlok with no memory of Dayu. Dayu then became a Nighlok herself with only her shamisen which was once her decorative lute by her side to remind her of her past. Of all the villains, Dayu is the only one who cannot let go of her past once making an attempt to reclaim it by kidnapping brides and using their tears to create a wedding dress.

Her plan failed due to the Rangers' interference, though she is saved by Deker. She is a powerful fighter as she took down both Kevin and Mia at once. Her shamisen which she calls her " Harmonium " has a hidden short sword in the neck which she uses for battle. She has a habit throwing the baki of her instrument at Nighloks' she gets angry at.

In "Broken Dreams," Master Xandred was getting tired of Dayu's failure and breaks her shamisen causing her to go to the human world and fix it with a musician. Mia pursues Dayu only for them to be put under a sleeping spell by Rhinosnorus.

Mia witnesses Dayu's past in a nightmare. After the sleeping spell wore off, Dayu attacked Mia who wanted to help Dayu after what she saw only to retreat when Emily arrived. In "Trading Spaces," Dayu meets with an outcasted Furry Wart on a river stream where she plans to find a way to end Master Xandred's life for casting her out and breaking her harmonium.

In "Kevin's Choice," Dayu finds the part of Deker's sword and is approached by Serrator who offers to fix Dayu's harmonium in exchange for the info on where Deker is. Dayu is wondering if Serrator is lying until she finds Deker in the forest. Dayu learns from Deker that his sword Uramasa had taken the blow in the fight against Jayden.

She and Deker crash the battle between the Power Rangers and Scarf where they attack Scarf in order to unleash Skarf's true power.

Soon after Serrator heads to a cliff, Dayu senses her Harmonium presence and heads after Serrator. After she manages to catch up with Serrator, she fights him only to be knocked down by Serrator. Octoroo is an elderly squid -headed figure with a staff who is one of Master Xandred's two followers.

He is usually reading old books, mixing Master Xandred's medicine, or checking the water level of the river. Everyone including Master Xandred calls him "Noodle-Face. He also seems to be highly skilled in black magic and a gifted potioneer, as he is easily able to poison the Red Ranger singlehandedly. He is extremely loyal to Master Xandred.

Octoroo also has a habit of yelling out "Ooh, Ah, Ooh! Deker is a mysterious Nighlok swordsman, who doesn't remember his past and is cursed into finding the ideal opponent to duel. He is armed with the katana Uramasa and called by Xandred as the Cursed Warrior due to being half-human.

Deker was once married to Dayu before becoming half-human. As a human he was a samurai and was given the blade Uramasa by Dayu. But when a house fire almost kills him, Dayu surrendered her humanity to a mysterious Nighlok, Serrator, to revive him.

However this erased his memory and turned him half-human, half-Nighlok cursed to forever wander with a thirst for battle. Due to being a half-human, Deker has the ability to assume human form and transverse between the Netherworld and the land of the living without relying on the Sanzu River for survival. He considers the Red Ranger to be his greatest challenge since Uramasa's blade became radiant. Deker is able to remember his past as Dayu's husband. Eventually, Jayden allows Deker to injure him allowing him to get close enough to finish Deker off.

Deker's sword Uramasa is broken and half of it gets struck into the ground nearby. Deker thanks Jayden for the Ultimate Duel before vanishing in a puff of smoke while falling off the cliff. In "Kevin's Choice", Dayu finds a piece of Uramasa as Serrator arrives to prevent Dayu from throwing the broken part away.

Dayu later finds Deker alive in the forest. Deker tells Dayu that Uramasa took the damage for him as she tells him about Serrator's offer. With a backup sword, Deker joins Dayu into attacking the Rangers where Deker fights Jayden stating that he is now a "sword for hire" ever since Uramasa broke. Deker and Dayu then attack Skarf in order to unleash Skarf's true power.

In "Trust Me", Deker accompanies Serrator and Dayu to Monalua, where they use a special ash to make its inhabitants paranoid. Deker fights Jayden and Mia, where Deker defeats them and states that Jayden has become weaker for relying on his teammates to help him than fighting him solo. Following Malden's destruction, Jayden uses his Bullzooka when confronted by Deker who asks if Jayden has stated fighting with blasters now. After Jayden destroys the fires spreading the ash and lifting the paranoia spell, Deker was prepared to fight Jayden only for Serrator to tell him that he has bigger plans for him.

Deker than leaves with Serrator and Dayu as Serrator summons a Papyrox and two giant Spitfangs to cover their escape. Serrator reveals his plans to Deker and promises him he will be free of his curse if he helps him.

In the following episode "A Stroke of Fate" Deker returns to the ruins of his home as he begins to remember some of his past memories. Dayu tries to convince him not to trust Serrator and Antonio begs him to reconsider his role in the battle between Humans and Nighloks, to no avail. Once Deker reobtains Uramasa, he betrays Serrator and him strikes down, leaving the Rangers to finish him off for good.

Serrator is a Nighlok with six slitted eyes and a ricus grin. He can teleport, emit electricity, elongate his claw, and wields a weaponized Shaku in combat. Serrator officially debuted in "Something Fishy" where he had been at the bottom of the Sanzu River and was revived by Master Xandred's recent power surge.

He arrives aboard Master Xandred's ship to offer his services and revealing himself to be the one who sent Switchbeast. He shows off his heightened powers by obliterating an army of Moogers with a single blast and manages to convince a skeptical Master Xandred of his loyalty and asks for permission to enter the human world to scare enough humans to flood the river.

Once on Earth, he introduces himself to the Rangers, and during their battle seems to have the Rangers beat, with all of the weapons they wielded unable to affect him. Serrator even cuts a piece of paper into a shape and creates Papyrox from it. In the nick of time, Antonio arrives and manages to use the Lightzord to successfully damage Serrator. Serrator then leaves commenting that the Rangers had "passed the test" for now. Briefly after this, Serrator goes to attack the city again only to be met by the Rangers.

He overpowers the Rangers again. Just as he is about to finish them off, Mia arrives only to be knocked down by Serrator. She manages to damage Serrator using her Super Airway Finisher. Before retreating, Serrator creates another Papyrox which is accompanied by some Giant Moogers and two Giant Spitfangs. In the episode "Kevin's Choice," Serrator appears before Dayu to prevent here from disposing the half of Uramasa that was broken during Jayden and Deker's battle.

Serrator then makes a deal with Dayu, offering to fix her Harmounium and Uramasa as long as she help him. He has Dayu send the message to Deker who Dayu had no idea was still alive. He instructs Dayu and Deker to crash the battle between the Rangers and Skarf and unleash Skarf's true power. Serrator gives Dayu a special dagger and tells Deker that he will play a part in mankind's destruction.

When Serrator is taking too long to get back to Dayu on repairing her Harmonium, she ends up confronting him which leads to an altercation where Serrator defeats Dayu. When Master Xandred is placed in the depths of the Sanzu River to recuperate, Serrator takes over his ship with no opposition.

Serrators plan is finally revealed in the episode "A Crack in The World" where Kevin notices how all his attacks form a straight line on the map. Serrator reveals during his next attack his true motives are to crack open the Earth so that the entire Sanzu River floods in, trapping Master Xandred in the Nether Worlds and heightening Serrators power to the point where he is equal to none.

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