How to make twisted bandana necklaces

how to make twisted bandana necklaces

9+ Designs to Make a Bandana Necklace

Insert one end of a wet bandana strip in your mouth or hold it down with your big toe, pressing it against the floor. Twist the strip as tightly as possible. To get a tighter twist, wrap the free end of the bandana strip around a small stick to add extra torque. Release the stick from the free end once you have twisted the bandana strip. Ally decided to make some twisted bandana necklaces! First she cut some material into 2 inch strips (12 inches or so long). She experimented with different widths to make some fatter and skinnier. She mixed up a bowl of cornstarch and water. 1/2 cup cornstarch into 1 cup cold water, then she mixed in 2 qt. boiling water over it all.

Besides wearing a bandana stylishly on your head you could also design them into a necklace by embellishing with marbles, beads, buttons and other decorative items. If you do not want to work so hard though, there is always maek easier alternative. Just wear or tie your bandana in a way that it resembles a cute necklace. These enticing neckpieces often serve as chic accessories if you have a casual or beach themed party.

Check out the tutorial instructions below alongside the interesting ideas to make cool bandana necklaces at home. Colorful small balls or big beads can also be alternately used. If you have a white bandana consider tying nd dying it before shaping it into a necklace. This is another unique design just the same as what is 3d image processing in the above DIY, the cross being the only addition.

How to Make a How to make twisted bandana necklaces Bolo Necklace. Following the instructions in the maje tutorial, you could make a showy necklace like this one, using a how to make twisted bandana necklaces and wrapping it around with leather straps or cord to get a tie-like effect. Instructions to Make a Cool Bandana Nexklaces. Bandana Choker Necklace Tutorial. The gems and jewels on the choker necklace intensify its beauty.

If you are making one with a red or golden yellow bandana go for black stones for a contrasting effect. Twisted Bandana Necklace Directions. Take your bandana and twist it in the method shown in the above tutorial, to make an easy yet smart necklace just as the one in the below-mentioned picture.

Attach metal rings and beads to the edge of your scarf and get something magnificent as the one in the image shown here. Braided Bandana Necklace Tutorial. Replace the t-shirt with your upcycled bandana. Cut it into 12 or 14 strips and then go by the rest of the instructions given here.

Beaded Fringe Bandana Necklace. This neckerchief would look absolutely elegant when teamed with formals. The charms or babdana attached to the bandana makes it look immensely gorgeous. A showy stone at the center adds to its beauty. If you choose to make it for any male member, go for a black or silver colored bandana and attach metal rings at the bottom for a manly design.

With the above instructions at hand you would get ample of exciting ideas to use your upcycled bandana and make fascinating necklaces out of them. Pair it with a cool bracelet and headband for a complete necklacee.

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The main part that you will need is called a twister clasp. Twister clasps are hinged oval shaped clasps that open and close to connect the ends of continuous loop bead strands. You can use them to hold single or multiple strands together to form a necklace. Aug 25,  · Bandana Water Scissors. Step 1. first pick out three different colored bandannas. take a scissors and cut a slit, creating a tab about a half inch wide on each bandanna. Step 2. pull on the tab you just cut to make one long strip, rip until you get to the other side of the bandanna. Step 3. Sep 19,  · Working from the center out, carefully wrap the marble up until it in completely enclosed in the fabric and tightly tie the ends off with a piece of matching embroidery floss. Continue until all the marbles have been twisted and tied. I left the raw edges on mine because I thought that it added to the rustic charm. It’s that easy peasy!

Making bandana necklaces is a way to create individualized and intricate designs for you and your friends. A twisted bandana necklace only cost a few dollars for the scarves and requires about 10 to 20 minutes to complete the project. Knowing how to make your own twisted bandana necklace may also open up the door for other craft ideas as you develop self-confidence regarding your creative abilities.

Select bandanas in three different colors for the necklace. The finished necklace has the appearance of a spiraled braid, so keep this look in mind while you are selecting the colors.

If the bandana is not square, cut this strip from the longer side. Soak each strip briefly in a cup of water. Remove the strip from the water, and squeeze as much water out of the strip as possible. The water helps make a tighter braid with the fabric as well as prevent it from fraying. Insert one end of a wet bandana strip in your mouth or hold it down with your big toe, pressing it against the floor.

Twist the strip as tightly as possible. To get a tighter twist, wrap the free end of the bandana strip around a small stick to add extra torque. Release the stick from the free end once you have twisted the bandana strip. Repeat this step for all three strips. Make a loop with all three strips held together, and then pass the strips back through the loop so that it forms an overhand knot. Hold the knotted end in your teeth, and braid the strips together. Hold the free ends of the strips parallel to each other, and rotate each strip around each other strip, starting with the strip on the far left and moving it toward the center.

Move the center strip toward the far right and the far right strip back to the left. Continue this pattern until you do not have any more of the strip left to weave.

Tie another overhand knot in the end of the braid to secure it. Tie the twisted necklace around your neck in a square knot, which is formed by holding one end in your left hand and the other end in your right hand. Pass the left over and then underneath the right.

Repeat the same pattern, except using the reverse order, passing the right over and then underneath the left. Tighten the knot, and you will have a self-binding friction knot that can be easily undone by holding the two rope ends and moving them toward each other. David McGuffin is a writer from Asheville, N. McGuffin is recognized as an Undergraduate Research Scholar for publishing original research on postmodern music theory and analysis. Bandanas image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.

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