How to network with executives

how to network with executives

How to Network with Senior Executives Ц 5 Tips

7 professional networking tips for executives Networking as an executive isnТt just about keeping apprised of your next job. ItТs a way to establish your reputation, exchange solutions with. An executive relationship can blossom into a mentorship or sponsorship, so foster connections with executives you want to learn from. Pay attention to people up the corporate ladder who you respect.

Few get to the top of the ladder without knowing how to network. These seven networking tips will help you control your executive image, while strengthening your professional network to broaden your influence and reach. Get weekly insights by signing up for our CIO Leader newsletter.

Tap into your network to find successful professionals outside your organization who might have something to teach you. Meetups and roundtables tend to make these kinds of exchanges more meaningful for participants. Instead of relying on industry events how to network with executives catch up with your contacts, you can cut out the middle man by arranging informal gatherings for your professional network.

It helps you get to know your contacts in a less formal setting, which will allow you to strengthen the relationship. It makes sense to build a network of professionals what superhero has a blue cape your industry and discipline, but you can gain a lot from expanding your reach.

Bringing more diversity into your network gives you access to more innovative ideas. However, your professional network needs regular attention to solidify relationships and keep a pulse on the competition.

You should always cultivate a strong professional network, because it can give you more than good references and job opportunities.

As an executive, you will need to build a strong team, which requires solid hiring decisions. You want to go into every relationship prioritizing the other person, rather than yourself. Instead, find ways you can help other people, rather than figuring out how they can help you. Learn about their interests, introduce them to people you know and find ways to further their career or strengthen their network, he says.

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17. Join professional organizations.

May 02, †Ј How can young professionals effectively network with executives? Fortune experts share insight on the common mistakes young people make and provide tips on how to avoid the pitfalls. Feb 02, †Ј The best way to communicate with an executive is to lead with the headline e.g. "My recommendation is that we cancel the program - its costing us too much money and its not showing enough growth potential". This way you don't force your boss to sit and listen to a bunch of context - you just get to the point first - then you provide context.

I consider myself to be fairly competent at networking. Even so, I still got intimidated when I thought about how to network with senior executives at my company.

I probably experienced some of the same self-doubt you have gone through:. In the last few months, I learned five great tips on networking with senior executives. They have helped me authentically connect with three senior folks at my company. Conversations with them have helped build my work brand and made me appreciate how much I can learn from each of them.

Here are the five tips. I hope they can help you in your career. Tip 1: Less is more Ч identify which senior executives you want to network with. Look at all the senior folks in your company and choose, at most, three executives you want to network with. Focusing on building deep relationships with a few of them is better than trying to get to know all of them.

Here are the criteria I used to decide who to network with. Tip 2: Take action Ч Be proactive and reach out for a first meeting. This is by far the hardest tip to follow for most people.

Many of us have these ideas for a long time but never actually do anything about it. Just do it! Only when you practice, will you get better at this skill. Tip 3: Ask for Coaching or Offer to Help Ч This addressed my fear about how to come across to a senior executive. It may seem like you are complimenting the executive, but you actually come across as self serving and burdensome.

Instead, you should try either of the following:. Neither approach is focused on climbing the career ladder. Instead, they are about reaching out to learn and become more effective at your job.

Come to the meeting with, at most, 1 or 2 questions and prepare to listen. This is not about you talking their ear off about your accomplishments or perspectives. This is time to listen to their guidance and perspective. Listen and have them clarify what they are sharing with you. You will be able to tell from their response whether or not they want to continue the relationship. Tip 5: Be Thankful and Follow Up Ч Building relationships with anyone will take more than one interaction. Your comments: Are you networking with senior executives today?

Why or why not? Have these tips helped? Share your comments and questions below. Like this post? I am always in your corner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I am actually pleased to glance at this weblog posts which carries lots of valuable facts, thanks for providing these statistics. Skip to content I consider myself to be fairly competent at networking. I probably experienced some of the same self-doubt you have gone through: Why would they want to build a relationship with me? Recommended by others you trust Ч Not all executives are created equal. Many people in leadership positions still only care about themselves.

Relevance to your work Ч Have you worked with his or her teams? It would make more logical sense to reach out for a meet and greet if there is some level of connection between your work and their sphere of influence Gut feeling from past interactions Ч If you have had any direct interactions with a senior executive, then trust your gut instinct.

Some will seem approachable and easy to talk to and some will seem aloof and guarded. One of the relationships I built with an executive was purely based on our informal chats in the hallway about our personal lives, travels, etc. She is now an invaluable mentor for my career. Start with the executive you have the most personal contact with Ч You will have the best chance of success with someone you already know. Not only will this interaction build your confidence, but that executive can coach you on how to approach others along with who else you should approach.

Make it a one-on-one meeting Ч While face to face is preferred, it is not always possible. A phone call can be just as effective.

Be flexible with timing Ч Offer options and leave it for the executive to choose the time that works for them. Instead, you should try either of the following: Ask for coaching and advice: This will help your career, and it naturally compliments the leader you are reaching out to.

This will help you build your reputation and relationship with them. Last but not least, schedule a second meeting Your comments: Are you networking with senior executives today? I am always in your corner Lei Related Posts How to Network for a Job To succeed like an executive, you not only need to know how to excel atЕ.

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