How to open wmv on ipad

how to open wmv on ipad

How to Play WMV on iPad with Two Easy Methods

Step 1: Load your WMV files by clicking the " Add Files " on the left top of the toolbar. More convenience, you can drag and drop multiple files to Step 2: Then, press the " Profile " drop-down menu at the bottom corner, select your iPad model from "Apple iPad" category. Alternatively, you can. Aug 28,  · After the conversion, click Open Folder to get the converted MP4 videos for iPad and sync them to your iPad via iTunes. After that, you can play and watch WMV files on your iPad with ease. Method 2: Play WMV files with WMV player for iPad. Another way to easily watch WMV files on your iPad is to download WMV player apps for iPad.

As we all know, WMV is the video format developed by Microsoft which mainly used for Windows devices and players. Here gives you the reason why you always fail to open WMV on iPhone. The answer is negative. By doing so, you can easily play various video and audio files on iPhone without the incompatibility wmmv.

Next, reading the below step-by-step tutorial to start solving WMV iPhone playback problem! Before start, please free download free download the software. Click Add Files how to open wmv on ipad on the top of the software to import the WMV files from your local hard drive.

Choose the output destination by clicking the triangle File How to get through boot camp icon at the bottom of the software and then click Run button to start the whole conversion opfn so as to open WMV on iPhone without hassle.

Moreover, with it, you are also able to compress video file and batch convert video and audio files and so on. HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you permanently and easily solve the video and audio playback and incompatibility problem. Anyway, now downloading the software and following the above step-by-step tutorial to play WMV on iPhone devices. Free Download. Recommended by the author. Do You Know Why?

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Opening WMV Files

Mar 16,  · Play WMV on iPad. Step 1 Add WMV files. Hit "Add File" button of the program to open the WMV file that you want to convert from your computer. Another way to import WMV Step 2 Set iPad formats. Click "Profile" drop-down button to select output format. Two options: choose "MP4 MPEG-4 Video. Click on Output Format at the right corner and then select your iPad model from the Apple category. Step 3: Start to Convert WMV Video to an iPad-supported Format Click on the inverted triangle at the bottom to select the output folder you want. Everything . Open iTunes on PC and plug your iPad into your computer. When your iPad info has been detected by iTunes, you need to go to "File > Add File to Library" to find the converted WMV file on your PC folder to add to iTunes. 2. After you added the converted video to iTunes, you need to sync the video files to your iPad.

WMV file is one of the most popular and oldest formats used for digital videos. It has relatively smaller size and can also be made use of on websites for downloading without much time but remaining the better quality of the video.

Due to the advantages of WMV files, film trailers in. As for how to play WMV on iPad, you can find various solutions. Read through this tutorial, and you'll benefit from either of ways on how to watch WMV on iPad. If you want to solve how to play WMV files on iPad, you can use this tool to assist you.

Then converting process is quite efficient and the video quality can also be kept during the procedure.

If you want to know the steps on how to convert WMV to iPad, you can check out this part to help you. Make sure you have installed this program on your PC for your convenience. Free Trial Free Trial. First, you need to run Leawo Prof. Media on your PC. After you have added the WMV file to the software, you can play back it or edit it. Next to the "Convert" button in the interface, you need to click to open the drop-down panel. You can also use the search box to find MP4 and set it as the output format.

If you need to edit the chosen WMV file, you can navigate back to the main window of software and click on the edit icon to edit the file. You can modify the info of the video in the editing panel as you like, such as trimming the video, adapting the effect of the video and etc. As for the selected output profile, you can set its parameters by entering the window of "Profile Settings". After the parameters have been set well, you need to navigate to the main interface of this tool and click on the "Convert" button to start the converting process.

When a window pops up, in the box of "Save to", you can choose a folder on your computer to save the converted file. Eventually, you can click on the "Convert" button at the bottom of the window to start the converting procedure. As you can see, to convert WMV to iPad is not a tough work. The converting process will take you a few minutes. When the process is over, you can click on the "Finish" button. This is not difficult, you just need to follow the detailed steps shown below to make it easily.

Finally, you will be able to play WMV on iPad at any time as you prefer. Let's check out the detailed introductions now. Open iTunes on PC and plug your iPad into your computer. After you added the converted video to iTunes, you need to sync the video files to your iPad.

Finally, click on the "Apply" button to begin to sync the converted MP4 files to your iPad. Eventually, the MP4 files will be available on your iPad and you can enjoy watching them wherever you like. This method is not hard to handle. This solution will be introduced in the third part of this guidance. This program is quite professional to transfer files among iTunes, PCs and iDevices.

This part will show you its powerful transfer functions with the illustrated detailed steps to begin to solve how to play WMV files on iPad. First please refer to the first part of this guidance to know how to convert WMV to iPad video and then you can open Leawo iTransfer software on your computer. You need to choose the "Movies" tab to click on to view all iPad videos.

After you have chosen to add the converted MP4 file, the tool will start transferring WMV from your computer to your iPad. The process will last for several minutes. Finally, when the transfer is over, you can solve how to watch WMV on iPad thoroughly. This tool is quite easy to use and can help you to manage up to 12 kinds of files. The results of using this software is satisfying and can meet your demands to play WMV on iPad.

If you want to know how to use other 3rd-party programs to solve how to play WMV on iPad, you can continue to read the last part of this tutorial. When you encounter the problem of how to play WMV files on iPad, you can use a video application on your iPad to help you. There are various apps can assist you to realize your goal.

The first part has shown you how to convert WMV to iPad. You can also use a third-party app to help you to solve how to play WMV files on iPad. You can choose one of the methods above to assist you.

In the end, I hope this guidance can help you in case you encounter the problem. Free download Leawo. Download Download. Waze vs. Google Maps vs. Apple Maps. Hot Topic. Hot products Prof. DRM V2. DRM for Mac V2. All Transactions are protected! Join Our Newsletter:.

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