How to read a novel in a day

how to read a novel in a day

5 tips to read a book a day every day

May 23,  · Reading a book a day: Tip #2. Minimize eye fixation; Eye fixation is an important component of learning to read efficiently. If you want to know how to read a book a day, this strategy is a must. When you read, your eyes move across the page. Each time your eyes come to rest is a fixation. You need to practice peripheral vision reading. Feb 14,  · 1 Begin with a book no longer than pages. Anything longer is crazy unless you're a speed-reader. Anything longer and you won't remember .

Nothing gives you the same sense of accomplishment as finishing reading a book. Did your library or third ady class have competitions like mine did? Each book you read brought you a step closer to a prize, a ribbon or a trophy, some fleeting recognition.

And even today there's that what entertainment is on in blackpool kid in me — a thoughtful, careful reader — who's still tallying up the titles she's read like pennies in a piggy bank.

Because I'm pretty sure book loving how to update lg p350 positively correlated with perfectionism — or at least competitiveness — this means I'm not satisfied until I've read a lot. A lot, a lot. How does one go about devouring literature? Say what you will about the allures of binge watching, but I'll take binges by book, any day. If there's one key to reading a lot, it's reading efficiently.

For me, that means reading a book in a day. Sometimes how to remove window genuine notification in xp, hey, poetseven a sitting. The ability to read a book in a day might not be a trick you can trot out at your next birthday bash, but its merits will long outlast a frosting-and-cake sugar buzz. Think about seeing a movie in the theater — there's something totally pleasurable about sitting in the dark, knowing you can't press pause.

Believe it or not, sometimes your favorite books will be happier when they never find themselves nnovel up on your nightstand. They want to be read, read quickly, and loved. You're not going to read a book in a day if you're not excited about the book. Order that bestseller you've been crushing on and check your buyer's remorse. After all, spending money on books doesn't count. Depending on the book you're in love with, you could need anywhere from an hour to an entire day.

Know your reading speed and don't self-sabotage by making plans. When your goal is to read a book in a day, socializing can wait. Or maybe just your friends who want to hang out with you. Remember: If you don't read this book in a single day, what will you have to brag about?! I mean, your couch, your favorite armchair, or whatever place calls dsy you and says, "yes.

Remind yourself that looking at small print on a piece of paper can be really, really hard if your faculties are compromised.

Prepare for your round of reading with some decent shuteye. The big day is here! Don't sloth into by rolling out of bed at any old time. Take your reax seriously. Even while you're having coffee or breakfast, focus on the book you're about to enjoy.

Bonus points if you reflect on why it's so imperative how to read a novel in a day you read this title on this day.

What will accomplishing this mean for you? Other than a day of you-oriented bliss. There's no pressure or anything, but get through at least a chapter or a number of pages that you deem substantial before you stretch your legs.

Do you really want a snack or is your brain just overstimulated? But hey, novell munching gets you through, don't hold back. At some point, your brain might start feeling fried. A quick walk around the block or a glass of water can help.

For a change of pace, take your reading to the tub, the kitchen table, your favorite quiet cafe, or another spot that will let you novep forward. One of the surest signs you're destined to read this book in a day is when you reach that point when you wish the characters were real people in your life. The more clearly you can hear the narrator's voice, the more thoroughly engrossed you'll be.

You know what I'm talking about: you're more than halfway finished! Those pages are practically turning themselves. Whether you loved the book or not, you just experienced an entire rexd, how to read a novel in a day with a life's worth of emotions, in how to read a novel in a day day.

Take a deep breath and don't be afraid to Can you imagine how much better a place the world would be if more people were competing with themselves to read books? Oh wait, of course you can imagine that, because you've got the imagination of a champion after fueling it with literature all day.

Images: Fotolia ; Giphy By JoAnna Novak. Here's how to get the job done in 20 easy steps. Fall In Love.

Can A Person Read A 400 Page Book In One Day?

How to Read an Entire Book in a Single Day Find the Perfect Reading Location. Distraction is your enemy. Anything that can pull your attention away from your book Read In Intervals and Keep Active. You may be in crunch time, but you still only have so much willpower to dedicate to a Take Notes.

Last Updated: November 23, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Michelle Golden, PhD. Michelle Golden is an English teacher in Athens, Georgia. There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewed , times. Reading a great novel can be an entertaining, fun, and educational experience. Not to worry! Getting through a full novel only takes a day if you know how to do it. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings.

Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Part 1 of Choose a book you'll enjoy. If you don't have a perfect book, or if you want to find a book you'll really enjoy, make a list of your favorite hobbies, subjects, and genres. Use the list to guide you when selecting the book you'll read. Solicit suggestions from friends and family. You can also visit your public library, and speak to a trustworthy librarian.

Whatever book you choose, make sure it is suitable for your preferences and reading ability. Be realistic. Do not choose a book that is difficult to get through, or one that you find boring. Try to connect with a character or the setting. Let yourself be transported to the time and place described in the book.

Imagine what you would do in the protagonist's shoes. Consider the length of your novel. A shorter book can generally be read in a shorter period of time than a longer one.

As you become a faster and more focused reader, you will be able to begin reading longer, more challenging novels in a day as well. Find the perfect reading area. The location of your reading can have a profound effect on how well you read. Pick a quiet, comfortable place without distractions. Turn off your tablet and phone.

Avoid any crowded, busy or noisy spaces. Beds, hammocks, and the like make poor reading environments because you are likely to fall asleep in them. Your reading area should be arranged to facilitate concentration on your novel.

Kindly ask them not to distract or interrupt you. Set the mood. There are a number of ways to create an ideal reading environment. You could play soft music in the background to make you more relaxed. If need be, use earplugs or white noise machines to drown out noisy neighbors or housemates.

Do whatever makes you most comfortable and will most benefit your reading experience. Wherever you are, maintain an upright posture with both feet on the ground. This ensures adequate blood flow and even breathing. Grab a snack and some water. Snacking will help reduce your need to set your book aside for a big meal when you get hungry. Choose a nutritious snack like fruit or carrots — something you can eat with one hand -- and place it within reach of your reading spot. You'll need a cup of water as well to wash the snack down and avoid dehydration.

They also make you crave more snacks and leave you feeling empty. Set targets for yourself. Take breaks only after reaching a predetermined goal.

You can set a goal based on reading time or on number of pages read. For instance, maybe you decide to read pages before taking a break. Or you might decide to read for thirty minutes, then reward yourself with a minute break before returning to your novel.

Commit yourself to reading the full book. Before you even open your novel, tell yourself you can and will read it in one day. Set aside a specific time to read and then do it. Share your reading goal with a friend or family member. Part 2 of Eliminate regression.

You can eliminate regression by using trackers and taking notes. Trackers sometimes called pacers will help you precisely follow a line of text. For instance, following a line of text with a pen or your finger as you read can help you maintain your position in the novel.

If you have questions about the text, write these down too. Read an entire paragraph or page before taking notes to limit the disruption.

Practice speed reading. Speed reading is the act of absorbing a greater amount of textual information in a shorter period of time.

There are a number of tricks to speed reading: [12] X Research source Look at more than one word at a time. The eye can be trained to absorb whole lines or paragraphs of text as well as single words.

It is likely that the word in question will have only a small impact on the overall meaning of the text. Try to use context clues to reason out the definition of the unknown word. The more clearly you can see the characters, locations, and events of your novel, the easier they will be to recall. This is because you will be reading with the part of your brain which manages visual information, as well as the part which processes linguistic information.

Take it to go. If you have to leave your ideal reading area for some reason, you don't have to stop reading. You can listen to an audiobook or read an e-book on the train, plane, or bus. While some people are attached to the physical form of the book, if you own an e-book reader you can use it to read more easily on the go. Take your e-book with you when you have to go out. It takes up less space in your backpack or bag than a regular book. Listen to audiobooks. Bring a copy of the audio edition of your novel with you when you leave your reading nook.

Take short breaks. After a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, give yourself a brief rest. Reload on water and snacks. Refresh your mind for another round of focused reading. The amount of time spent reading before taking a break will vary with the individual.

A seasoned reader may go an hour or more before taking a break; a slower reader might want to take a rest after just 30 minutes. Since you want to finish your novel in just one day, the longer you can go without taking a break, the better.

If you find yourself staring blankly at the page, re-reading large portions of the text, or feeling generally distracted, set the novel aside and take a break. Walk around the house for a few minutes or grab a snack. Enjoy it. Try to get caught up in the action, and forget where you are at the moment.

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