How to say home in hawaiian

how to say home in hawaiian

How do you say "Welcome home" in Hawaiian?

Check 'home' translations into Hawaiian. Look through examples of home translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. How to Say Home in Hawaiian. Categories: Family and Relationships House If you want to know how to say home in Hawaiian, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Hawaiian better. Here is the translation and the Hawaiian word for home.

Then this article will make you a little smarter and teach you some basic Hawaiian phrases. This is a bonus phrase and is Hawaiian pidgin slang. It has a bunch if meanings. How do you say [ X ] in Hawaiian? So, these next two phrases will be important. If you want to learn even more Hawaiian phrase and master more of the language, I recommend checking out some books.

No, not mine. Should there be more phrases in this article? Of course. If you have suggestions and feedback, please leave a comment down below. Skip to content April 17, Disclosure: This what to do with tar gz files has affiliate links to language products including those on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

Thank you. Want to learn a bit of Hawaiian? Good on you. And, you can always print this page out for reference. Top 28 Basic Hawaiian Phrases. Hello Ч Aloha 2. Hi Ч howzit This is a bonus phrase and is Hawaiian pidgin slang. Good morning Ч Aloha kakahiaka 5. What about bye in Hawaiian? There are how to say home in hawaiian few ways. How would you respond to that?

Thank you Ч Mahalo Where are you from? Do how to say home in hawaiian speak English? And a similar Hawaiian phrase is thisЕ Do you speak Hawaiian?

You can answer either of these questions in one of two ways. Use it and you will learn a lot of Hawaiian. Well, you can ask thisЕ How much is this? Now, you know a whole bunch of Hawaiian phrases. Enough to have a small chat with Hawaiians. Here are some highly rated ones on Amazon you can check via my affiliate links. Am I a native speaker? Am I interested in the language?

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Similar phrases. garden house. hale. garden-house. hale. house is yours. nou ka hale. house post. pou. Dec 01, †Ј People do usually say "komo mai!" ("come in!") to welcome visitors at their home. But if it is friend or family member returning home after being away, "Aloha" would be best. In Hawaii, home is. Online free AI English to Hawaiian translator powered by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Naver, Yandex and Baidu. Translate your sentences and websites from English into Hawaiian. We also provide free English-Hawaiian dictionary, free English spelling checker and free English typing keyboard.

Once you arrive in Hawaii, you find out that it is much more. You find an inviting and rich culture much different than the one you may experience on the mainland. While the Hawaiian language is no longer widely spoken, you will immediately be surrounded by it. At the airport, someone will say Aloha hello to you, then, you will hop on a wikiwiki quick bus to get to the main terminal where you may purchase a lei flower garland.

Hawaiian is a very old language which belongs to the Polynesian language family. It is closely related to other Polynesian languages which are spread over a large, triangular area of the Pacific Ocean with Hawaii at the northern most point, New Zealand where Maori is spoken to the southwest and Easter Island where Rapa Nui is spoken marking the southeastern point.

There are many theories on how exactly the Hawaiian language came to be. Generally speaking, it appears that foreign immigrants perhaps Marquesans or Tahitians colonized the archipelago around AD These settlers were the original Hawaiians and their language over time, grew into the Hawaiian language we know today.

This would make the Hawaiian language approximately ten centuries old. Hawaii is the only state in America to have two official languages Ч English and Hawaiian. There is a 3 rd offshoot language which is widely spoken in Hawaii commonly referred to as Pidgin.

While charming and a lot of fun, Pidgin is not an official language and thus will not be covered going forward. You will certainly pick some of it up while you are in Hawaii. In order to speak Hawaiian, it is helpful to understand the alphabet first. When Captain Cook first arrived in the Hawaiian islands in , he discovered that the Hawaiians had no written version of their language. In , western missionaries began to develop and standardize a written version of the language.

The written language they developed featured 8 consonants, 5 vowels and several special symbols. It is hard to describe the sound as it is not made with the tongue or lips. The stress mark is helpful in correctly pronouncing the Hawaiian language. For your enjoyment, we have included a Hawaiian dictionary on-line. This on-line dictionary contains several thousand words in English to Hawaiian fashion. These words were chosen because they are frequently used.

Please keep in mind that many Hawaiian words have multiple meanings and the true meaning comes from the context of what is being said as a sentence. We hope you will find the above information and the on-line dictionary to be a helpful and fun reference. We feel that it is important for the Hawaiian culture to preserve and continue the use of the Hawaiian language. This dictionary is for entertainment purposes and also to encourage your interest in the official language of the state of Hawaii.

Long live the grand old, sonorous, poetical Hawaiian language. Lorenzo Lyons Makua Laiana , Hawaii English Dictionary. English Word. Vowels: A Ч pronounced like the a in far E Ч pronounced like the e in bet I Ч pronounced like the ee in beet O Ч pronounced like the o in sole U Ч pronounced like the oo in boot Special Symbols:.

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