How to use balanar in dota

how to use balanar in dota

Pu12e's 51-0 Night Stalker / Balanar Guide

Apr 12,  · Balanar creates a vortex of infinite night, tearing opponents violently into the eternal darkness that once was. Notes: Void first applies the slow debuff, then the . Balanar, the Night Stalker, is a melee strength hero, renowned for being a very potent ganker once night falls. Unlike most other heroes in the game, Night Stalker's strength greatly fluctuates depending on the time of day. He is relatively innocuous during the day, with one of his abilities being completely disabled then while two others are heavily weakened in potency, but he quickly becomes.

DOTAFire is a community that lives to help every Dota 2 player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! We go a long way back, Night Dude and I. Back when I was playing against bots in a far-outdated version of Dota 1, he was my go-to guy. When I started Dota 2, he was the first Hero I played.

Obviously I was terrible, but we went places and now I like to think I'm at least competent. As time went on, I picked up new Heroes - Invoker, Doom, Spectre, Terrorblade, and our bat-like friend started to be left behind. However, to this day, he's still one of my favourites when I just want to have fun, and rush an Armlet.

Because as we all know, there is little more fun than being a baller. Well, that was a bit of a nostalgia trip. I've noticed that all the guides for Balanar on here are out-of-date and considering the buffs he's gotten recently I've decided to take matters into my own, considerably experienced hands.

Night Stalker is a mid-laning semi-carry who fulfills the 2 role on a team. He's famous for his deadly presence between and a good Night Stalker will by the time he drops off have you cowering under your T3s, unable to even move out to stop his carry probably a vegetable like Medusa farming.

Yep, he's one of those Heroes. Creating space on an industrial level. Night Stalker is what is a good average score in bowling interesting fellow. Likes raw meat, seeing Drow on the enemy team, and Armlets. Dislikes bats ironically and the Radiant having fun. To kill two birds and get stoned, he combines his likes and dislikes with his skillset.

Primary Attribute: Ue. Night Stalker's Strength and Agility gain are excellent, and what does turning point mean his Intelligence isn't exactly Pugna it's not how to use balanar in dota either, considering how much you actually need.

His starting stats are great, and his base damage is excellent. So, despite being underpowered during daytime, your lane shouldn't be too horrible. It's worth noting that against most melee mids, Night Stalker can win the lane with relative ease just by out-CSing his enemy. In fact, there are few Heroes that actually can shut him down completely in mid - however, you're at a disadvantage against ranged lane-winners like Shadow Fiend, Outworld Devourer and Viper.

In the case of the former two, get revenge at Viper, however, is a prick. So now, onto his skillset. VOID This is your main nuke and slow. During day, the slow duration is halved, but it's still not terrible. This is maxed first. This spell makes it basically impossible for someone to 1v1 you at night, thanks to the crazy miss chance and long silence.

At max level, it's the second longest silence in the game, beaten only by Doom. One value point is all we need, as the only thing that scales is the duration. It's probably wise un get this at level 6 over Darkness, but your game may vary.

During the day it only lasts 3 seconds, which can still be enough to make a difference. During the day, it does Literally nothing. But at night, especially first and second nights, it makes you the fastest Hero on the map dotw you hit the hardest too. Max this after Void how to use balanar in dota its increments are preferable to your silence.

Balanar's greatest fear is having a fight break out during day. Your ult solves this by creating 50 seconds of night, more than enough time to participate in a fight, a gank, or get away from danger. You will be hitting level 6 during the first night, so it's not as important to get this then - I usually leave it to level 8. However, during the second day it allows you to be a bit more active if team wants to take a tower. This includes creeps, Heroes, towers and even wards.

I don't need to say how good this is. Use your ult during the nighttime just to limit enemy vision, but only do this if it will be off cooldown by the time day rolls around. Pros -Fast. Cons -Vulnerable to disables, especially early-game. So the game has started, you've ended up with Night Stalker, and you're ready to roll. But before you can go kill things, you have to navigate the first day.

There really is no how to use balanar in dota lane Night Stalker is good in. To be effective, he needs level 5, Bottle and Boots of Speed by and unless you're solo laning this won't happen.

Solo safelane might be a thing, but T wouldn't rely on that in pubs, as they tend to like dual lanes and you'll be up against an offlane which is probably unpleasant.

Your job now is to farm and stay ballanar. Use Void to get difficult last hits, but don't waste your mana doing this. Play safe and use how to use balanar in dota amazing how to use balanar in dota damage to get an edge in the lane. Hopefully, how to work out real gdp night you'll be all kitted up Go run to get the 4-minute hpw, and then if they have wards make it look like you went back to mid.

In reality, you're going to the nearest sidelane to gank. It's pretty easy to get a double kill if your allies are competent, but you may have to dive. Night Stalker's high base armour and health make diving very viable for him. Coordinate with your team to run at the enemy, and try and have some creeps with you so you can drop the tower aggro by A-clicking them. First, check your target's inventory. If they have a TP scroll, save Void to interrupt it. If not, initiate dotz Void and run in and beat them up.

Remember to cancel your animation backswing to make chasing easier. You will spend the next four minutes fifty seconds ganking everywhere. It's advisable to get a support to farm mid while you're away, which also makes it how to register ipod touch 4g to kill the enemy usr. Sometimes, you won't need help if you're against someone like Invoker or Shadow Fiend - these Heroes are food for you.

Remember that you ARE the most powerful Hero in the game at bow stage. However, you can't go full YOLO mode without some backup.

Dying balanr First Baalnar is the worst thing that can happen. I will say, however, that dying to give your Spectre a double kill is generally worth it. I could write an essay on the psychological impacts of your actions during first night, but I'll limit it to dot points.

You're always missing. The enemy team has no idea where you are. Buy Smoke of Deceit to capitalise on this, or if they have wards. The tower looks friendly.

Enemies, especially supports, will want to hug their nearest tower, which has the effect of giving your lanes freefarm. Dying as Night Stalker makes your enemy careless. While you how to use balanar in dota shouldn't die, if something goes wrong and you do, the immediate impact is your enemies relaxing. As soon as you respawn, TP to a lane and resume ganking before they have a chance to realise you're alive.

Double kill. Your mid deserves payback. Remember that Shadow Fiend who denied all your farm? Make him suffer. At some point during night, you should gank mid once or twice. This might be on when usw get the rune if you see your lane opponent running to a rune, follow them. It's almost always the easiest kill of your lifeor it might be getting the rune, or maybe just if you really dislike them. Ln breeds fear.

Don't establish a pattern to your ganks. Be completely random in your decision of where to go. This makes the enemy team worried that they are always next. Teleport scrolls are shortcuts to killing streaks. So you've just ganked bot, and the how to use balanar in dota top lane has seen you there. They won't expect you to rotate around for at least 30 seconds and will likely get cocky.

Using a teleport scroll to get up there fast will catch them by surprise and give you free kills this works worse the higher your MMR is.

This common trick is used by all gankers and at 3k uuse above people are used to it.

General Build

Dec 14,  · Balanar creates a vortex of infinite night, tearing opponents violently into the eternal darkness that once was. Dota 2 promises to take the unique . Balanar Item Build Dota Hero Item Build - Balanar "Night Stalker" Balanar "Night Stalker" is strength type of hero which can be play as tanker and carry in his games. Skill Build for Balanar Level 1. Crippling Fear Level 2. Hunter in the Night Level 3. Void Level 4. Void Level 5. Void Level 6. Hunter in the Night. Aug 15,  · If dota all balanar's skills have 5th level - the one used for day time. Trigger store each ability's lvl for given Balanar unit in hashtable, so proper level seting when day time is gone. So for eg: You pick 1lvl of aura - trigger stores lvl of that ability in parent .

Balanar is a strength hero that has maximum potential when the evening. He has "Void" with huge damage and are also able to make the enemy hit slow effect. He also has a skill that can make enemies hit "silent" during the day.

Because of the skills possessed balanar can work up in the night, he was awarded the Darkness skill that can change day into night. Thus, the skills he had to be able to work with a maximum of conquered enemy.

Crippling Fear 2. Hunter in the Night 3. Void 4. Void 5. Void 6. Hunter in the Night 7. Void 8. Hunter in the Night 9. Hunter in the Night Darkness Crippling Fear Stats Empty bottle is very useful to increase HP and Mana.

It can also be used to save power up. If you get a double damage then you can kill heroes easily supported with a full capacity of Mana. Boot of Speed adds movement speed in the lane so that makes you move freely. Helm of dominator add armor and also gives lifesteal so that you waged punch to the enemy will increase your hp slowly.

Sange and Yasha add attack speed and also produce maim effect against enemies affected by your attacks. With the state, would be easier to kill the enemy at night because of the movement declined rapidly.

This item is very synergistic with Void skill that can be slow to make enemies. In addition, this item also able to provide mini stun effect so that the enemy will be difficult to attack because it is more often the stun of the Monkey King Bar. Radiance is also able to deal damage and attack enemies around you. So it is synergy with the skills that make you shapeshift always close with the enemy.

Balanar is not difficult to be played by anyone as long as it has the right to know the item build. How to use Balanar is as follows. The first approach enemies and use Crippling Fear then attack the enemy using the Void. Perform these steps until the enemy dies, if it had come up during use Darkness to increase your potential again.

Use too Satanic to help increase your HP to full again. That's the simple way to use balanar to kill the enemy. Post a Comment. Diposkan oleh Unknown di PM Read more. Label: Balanar Item Build. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Posts. Ursa Warrior Item Build. Ursa Warrior is a hero capable of rending enemies in short time. Huskar Item Build. Huskar is one type of strength hero that attacks the Range.

With range mode, this hero can con Doom Bringer Item Build. Doom Bringer is a Strength hero who has ulti-targeted very detrimental. He could easily get a l Slark Item Build. Slark is agility type hero who has the unique skills to kill enemies and survive. Slark ha Nevermore Item Build. Nevermore is a little hero that requires skill in playing it. This hero is quite difficult fo Theme Design by Dadang Herdiana.

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