How to wipe a computer clean to sell

how to wipe a computer clean to sell

How to wipe a computer if you want to sell it or give it a fresh start

Mar 20,  · How to Wipe a Computer Clean of Personal Data Before selling, donating, or recycling your outdated laptop, protect your privacy with this important step By Nicholas De Leon. Jul 04,  · The best way to prepare your computer for re-sale, and the only fair way, in my view, is to do what's known as a factory restore. This reverts your computer to exactly as it was when it left the factory, as if you had pressed the power button for the very first time.

Got an old laptop laying around? By selling it or donating it to someone, you can clear up space in your home, maybe earn a little cash, and extend its useful life, delaying the inevitable one-way trip to the local landfill. But how do you keep the next owner from accessing photos, financial documents, and other private data once stored on the hard drive? Or you can miss deleting some important files altogether," he says. In most cases, wiping a computer with a factory reset will be sufficient to safeguard your personal data.

So if you're handing off your old computer to a friend or sibling, or donating it to a well-known how to wipe a computer clean to sell organization, the steps listed below should suffice.

Apple last fall introduced computers using its own homegrown M1 processoralso known as Apple silicon. You'll need to perform different steps to perform a factory reset on one of those see below than on a Mac with an Intel processor.

Once again, before you begin, be sure to back up important files and then sign out of iCloud. You should also copy your keychains to a flash drive. This will reinstall the operating system that came with your Mac. Once you've done that, the Utilities window will pop up in the middle of your screen. Open the Disk Utility and erase your built-in hard disk. Make sure to select the disk, not the volume name listed beneath it.

After the reinstall, the Mac will begin the setup process. This should look familiar if you've set up this computer before. You can do that by clicking System Preferences in the Apple Menu in the upper left-hand corner and then clicking Software Update. Eventually a screen will appear featuring a black background and two icons: your hard drive called Macintosh HD unless you changed it and Options.

Click Options. At this point, you may be asked to input a username and password. You can then follow the onscreen instructions, which include things like selecting your language and WiFi password. Before beginning the factory reset process, back up all important files. The process for resetting your PC differs slightly for each version of the operating system.

For Windows 10, go to the Start Menu and click on Settings. Follow the instructions to revert your computer back to when it was first unboxed. Chromebook users have the easiest time wiping their laptops. Unlike Apple and Windows users, they already have most of their files stored online in Google Drive. So there's little to back up before you begin the process. To start a factory reset, click on the Launcher. Open Settings and scroll down to the Advanced section. From there, find the Reset Settings, and under Powerwash, click Reset.

This will prompt a restart, which will flush away all your personal information. If you're ready to sell or how can i download free movies to my ipad the computer, don't log back in—the next person who logs in becomes the Chromebook's primary user.

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Mar 20,  · From there, find the Reset Settings, and under Powerwash, click Reset. This will prompt a restart, which will flush away all your personal information. If you're ready to sell or donate the Author: Nicholas De Leon.

I have a Win10 computer that I'd like to sell. I've done the complete reset - twice to take it back as if it were new out of the box. Some people say that doing so isn't really secure and someone could still get stuff off the hard drive.

In the past I've used WipeDrive to completely wipe a drive but I'd prefer not to have to do that as it would mean reinstalling the OS. So does the built in MS reset take the drive back to 0's and 1's? Or am I taking a risk? Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. Perhaps you didn't read my post. I HAVE done a clean reset - twice.

My question is - does the MS clean reset take the drive back to 0's and 1's. The best way to prepare your computer for re-sale, and the only fair way, in my view, is to do what's known as a factory restore. This reverts your computer to exactly as it was when it left the factory, as if you had pressed the power button for the very first time.

Factory restore is a procedure created by the computer manufacturer specifically for your model, and therefore you'll find detailed directions on the manufacturer's website.

Microsoft can't do a factory restore, obviously, since Microsoft doesn't know how your computer was setup at the factory or what other software was included by the manufacturer.

Whether this satisfies your need for privacy depends, quite frankly, on how paranoid you are. When you do a factory restore, your hard drive is effectively erased. So even though your hard drive is still filled with your old data, the new copy of Windows can't see it, can't find it and knows nothing about it.

Windows is like me after three beers: completely oblivious. The fact that your hard drive still holds your previously existing data, at least to the extent that it wasn't over-written by the new install, means that someone who has physical access to your computer, as well as access to the kind of software typically available to law enforcement agencies and the knowledge to use it, can still read your old data.

If that's something that concerns you, then you'll want to do a Hilary Clinton-style hard drive erasure, where even government agencies will have a hard time extracting the old data. Then on the other hand, if the person who receives your computer knows about computers, they'll do a clean install anyway, since that's the only way that an acquirer knows for sure that the computer is free of problems, configuration mistakes and viruses.

Thanks for your response. And for making me chuckle at the same time. I'm no Hilary Clinton but I do have things that I'd probably prefer some Joe doesn't get his hands on - passwords and the like. But just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean no one is following me so there's that. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Full clean reset will wipe out all your files and documents you have in that drive. Its advisable that if you are going to sell or gift it to someone else that you need to do a clean reset on the PC. More information click here.

How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Thanks Kathy. In reply to A. User's post on July 4, Hey Bulldog! Hi MissKathy, MS Clean reset will take your PC back to its original condition, it will erase and remove everything that you have there, but even after a clean install your hard drive still has your old data somewhere inside it.

But if the person has the capacity and the intention of getting old files from an after-formatted hard drive it will take a tremendous amount of time, effort and money to get what they need. Even Dban and Wipedrive does not guarantee a complete removal of everything inside your drive. If you really want to protect your old documents, you can just replace the hard drive. MS Clean reset will take your PC back to its original condition No, it doesn't. Read the descriptions on Microsoft's website.

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