What are the benefits of cast iron cookware

what are the benefits of cast iron cookware

Benefits of Cast Iron

Oct 05,  · Cast iron is tough. There's a reason why there are old cast iron pans at yard sales and antique shops. It is very Once cast iron is hot, it stays hot. So cast iron pans are great for searing meat. Cast iron is great for keeping food warm since it holds heat for a considerable length of time. Oct 24,  · 11 Benefits And Disadvantages Of Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware There are definite benefits to having one or two pieces of high-end cookware: they're generally well-crafted, excellent at Author: The Huffington Post Canada.

There are definite benefits to having one or two pieces of high-end cookware: they're generally well-crafted, excellent at specialized tasks I dare you to find a better way to melt butter than with All-Clad's butter warmer and beautiful to look at. However, there are times when you just want an affordable piece of cookware that can do everything in the kitchen. This is where a good how to repair a broken side view mirror cast iron pan comes in play.

Not only are cast iron pots and pans cheap and versatile, but they will last for generations. Check out the slideshow below for a rion of pros and cons benefiys will help you decide whether you want to add this heavy metal cookware to your kitchen arsenal. We've also included a quick guide on cast-iron cooking:. Canada Edition. Follow Us. Terms Privacy Policy. This article exists as part of the online archive for HuffPost Canada, which closed in This article exists as part of the cookwrae archive for HuffPost Canada.

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2. You Will Also Absorb Iron

Aug 23,  · Benefits of Cast Iron. Join the cast iron cookware community. Sure, you can use our cast iron skillets to make your grandma's tasty cornbread. Or you can use them to get the perfect sear on juicy steaks, roast chicken and vegetables, bake a decadent blueberry pie, or fry eggs and bacon. Our American-made, seasoned cast iron cookware is perfect for beginners, and chefs, and home cooks of . Jan 29,  · Benefits of Using Cast Iron Pots and Pans 1. Cast Iron Pots Are Much Safer Than Other Modern Cookware Much of the modern cookware that people use today are 2. You Will Also Absorb Iron Another huge benefit of cast iron pots is that you will absorb iron. Cooking in . One of its greatest advantages is that a cast-iron pan is possibly the only piece of kitchen gear you can buy that noticeably improves after years of heavy use. As you cook in it, a cast-iron pan gradually develops a natural, slick patina, called seasoning, which releases food easily.

Sometimes we can get so focused on what food we should or should not be eating that we lose sight of the bigger picture. In addition to covering the benefits of cooking in cast iron, I delve into some of the issues with other types of cookware.

Scratched non-stick releases even more PFCs into your food. PFCs are particularly important for mothers to avoid, as it passes through breastmilk. Environ Sci Technol, PFC bioaccumulation has become an increasing public health concern as emerging evidence suggests reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity and hepatotoxicity, and some PFCs are considered to be likely human carcinogens.

These chemicals not only make their way into your food, but they end up down the drain and in landfills, polluting waterways and ending up back in the food chain like fish that live in contaminated water. Even worse, they take many years to biodegrade. For more on seasoning and caring for cast iron, see 2.

With cast iron, food releases from the pan easily, making clean up a breeze. Once your food is ready, simply serve up, emptying the pan. With the pan still hot and presumably holding it by the handle with a hot mitt take the pan to the sink and under hot running water, scrape off any food bits with your metal spatula. Return the pan to the stove to dry, wipe with a paper towel dipped in a little oil, and enjoy your meal. That last sentence is how you maintain the seasoning on your cast iron pan.

The above method literally takes 30 seconds and saves me from having to scrub the pan and damage the seasoning. If I happen to be lazy and leave the pan dirty, no big deal. Lodge also has a great tutorial on caring for cast iron.

In a little known study from , researchers measured the iron content of 7 foods cooked in cast iron or glass. Acidic foods and those cooked for longer periods of time accumulated the most iron. Tomato sauce, for example, had Even non-acidic and quick cooking foods, like eggs and fried potatoes, averaged a five-fold increase in iron content when cooked in an iron skillet.

Cast iron remains some of the most inexpensive cookware on the market. Let me paint you a picture to illustrate my point. A few years ago, I came across a cast iron pan that had been sitting out in the elements for at least a decade. This thing was so corroded, it was almost beyond repair. A metal scraper was too wimpy to take off the centimeter-thick layer of iron oxide, so I resorted to a thick chunk of scrap steel to scrape off the worst of it do I sound like a hobo yet?

Then with a little help from a wire brush and a lot of determination, I had that pan looking good as new in an afternoon. That same pan is part of our outdoor gear and is regularly placed directly over a campfire when we car camp.

Like I said, nearly indestructible. And unlike any other cookware, cast iron improves with age. With each use, the cooking surface becomes more smooth, allowing oil to seep into the surface and continually improve the seasoning or as some like to call it, the patina.

But Teflon coated non-stick pans? If you use a metal spatula by accident once, the thing is trashed. Really though, stop cooking with scratched non-stick see 1 Even if your non-stick is unscratched, any cookware that requires you use plastic utensils is icky.

Cooking with a plastic spatula melts tiny bits of plastic into your food. Cast iron pans are noticeably hefty and their weight is part of their magic, allowing them to hold heat longer than most other pans. Non-burnt dinner is always a win! Your guide to making vegetables taste seriously good. You'll also receive Lily Nichols' weekly newsletter. Unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy. Her work is known for being research-focused, thorough, and unapologetically critical of outdated dietary guidelines.

I just bought my first cast iron skillet last week! I find food still sticks to it but I read that you have to use more oil in the beginning to keep food from sticking and that it gets better the more you use it. Fingers crossed! Welcome to the cast iron club, Erin. Have you tried seasoning it in a hot oven?

Lightly coat with oil, place in a degree oven for at least one hour. Turn off the oven and let the pan cool before removing from the oven. Season it with lard at degrees in the oven for 2. Dont wash with soapy water after at anytime. I am still using it and it has a perfect non stick patina on it. I use the dreaded teflon. What can I use instead for my omletts? You bring up a good point, Laura. Even stainless steel will leach some iron into food, although less than cast iron.

What you could try is enameled cast iron Le Creuset. Have you looked into pampered chefs nonstick line? I refuse to use Teflon. Their line is safe. Lily, what can I use instead of my teflon fryiing pan for cooking omletts in it?

Lily, thank you so much for this post. You have helped me make the decision to switch to cast iron. I was just talking about this and wondering about the benefits- perfect timing! Thank you so much for the tips on how to care for and clean your cast iron skillet…it has prevented me in the past from wanting to use mine as frequently as I know I should…And as far as the weight, yes, most definitely hefty!

Caring for cast iron pans is way easier than you think, Stacey! Mine is almost permanently on my stove, since I use it every day. Lily — this is great! It was like hitting the jackpot! I love that the simple, natural, toxic free solution is actually the cheapest solution!

A wonderful list Lily. Had to comment here because these are my favorite skillets, even more than stainless steel! When my grandma died, I found a cast iron Dutch oven in her cellar. My sis found its matching skillet and learned how to clean cast iron, so we restored the Dutch oven and skillet. Best idea ever!! With cast iron — the older, the better! The ancient cast iron pans I have are way higher quality than anything you can buy in a store these days.

Lily, What a wonderful article! I have been using cast iron for past 16 yrs, the benefits are immense. I use griddles, pans and woks, try to avoid tomatoes and other sour ingredients. A few drops rubbed to the surface of my griddle makes it as good as nonstick. Mbukiso, cast iron is the best and safest cookware.

Unless you have a disease that restricts your iron intake, it is especially good for you as well. I had a complete set of iron cookware that I had to leave behind when we moved from the east coast to Texas 13 years ago.

I recently found out that I am anemic. Taking iron supplements causes me gastrointestinal difficulties. I just purchased a set of iron skillets with a griddle and footed dutch oven. Thanks for all the positive information that I have believed in for years.

My reason for looking for information was because a friend questioned my use of cast iron which I use daily cooking for a family of eight. I also just was given several cast iron products that need much attention so was happy to learn how to do that. Enjoyed your article. I think it is great how you talked about the even cooking cast iron pans can do. My sister just got a new home and is trying to fill the kitchen with new supplies and cookware.

This article was really helpful since it mentioned getting a cast iron pan to cook dinner with and have an easy clean up since it is naturally non-stick. I wonder if you can use it for baking too. Thanks for the great information about cast iron pans.

I love love love my cast iron pan and cast iron Dutch oven! When properly seasoned the food slides right off! And of course it gets better with age.

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