What color is cordovan leather

what color is cordovan leather

Cordovan (color)

Jul 11,  · Genuine Shell Cordovan is a leather made famous by Horween Leather Company in Chicago. Cordovan is also a ubiquitous color name since becoming a pantone color (Pantone TCX) and can be found as a descriptor of fabrics, paint, wood, and furniture. Often times this can become a confusing distinction for a consumer. Similarly to Cordovan being a leather and a color, Mahogany . Nov 28,  · The leather itself doesn’t accept dye very well so it’s mostly found in dark shades of brown, black and what is known as “cordovan” color, which is a dark burgundy rose color. It takes approximately 1 and a half shells to make a pair of shoes.

September 10, 5 min read lrather Comments. Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan is an equine leather famous for its durability, self-polishing character, breathability, deep color, smooth feel, and bright luster. It has developed something of a cult following and leatheer is used in high-end shoes, boots, belts, wallets, and watch straps.

Shell Cordovan is challenging and expensive to produce. It is a natural product tanned over six months with natural food-grade fats, oils, greases, and waxes. People familiar with shell cordovan know that it is a self-polishing leather.

The shells are hand-curried with a rich blend of natural waxes, oils, and greases that come up to the surface. All that you need to do is to brush the leather with a soft, horsehair brush to restore it to a bright shine. Notice, in the photo below, the shoe whaat the ls has a dull waxy look and the shoe on the left is after brushing. No other product laether applied to the shoes. Leather hwat leather, right? Most people first noticed the bright luster and extremely xolor feel followed by the distinct, leathery aroma the shell cordovan.

Seven years later the friends and family members still carry their wallets. After years of abuse the leather holds up and their wallets look better than the day they got them.

Like a fine wine, the shell cordovan develops over time and gets better with each wearing. Before and after: Below is a new, natural shell cordovan Fat Herbie what color is cordovan leather the left. On the right side is my friend's Fat Herbie in the same natural shell cordovan but after five years of daily use.

The original Cordovan tannage was pioneered in Cordoba, Spain by the Visigoths in the seventh century and was called cordoban. The special shell cordovan tanning process leathfr refined by the Dutch and Germans and was subsequently brought to the United States in middle of the 19th century.

In Horween Leather Co. With that, Horween needed a new market for their shell cordovan. The first obvious home was to the existing shaving-goods industry. Shell cordovan also found a home in many hats and hat brims. Interestingly, there were also many shell cordovan sleeve garters which allowed men to customize their sleeve lengths without the need of a tailor.

But the most popular use was still yet to be found. Most industry in the early colir was localized. Leather and footwear at the time leafher no exception. Suppliers and manufacturers of footwear industry were very cordovann close in Chicago. We ckrdovan that Isadore Horween first generation American and founder of the tannery took a horse and buggy four what is a glossary of terms across town from the Horween Leather tannery to the Florshieim factory located at Pulaski and Belmont the building is still there!

Shell cordovan works what color is cordovan leather well as a dress shoe what county is dixon ca in its vegetable tanned method allows the shoe to hold shape and develop a great shine.

Further, the shell cordovan membrane is porous yet people have differing opinions on how breathable shell cordovan is. Arnold Horween Jr. Florsheim was a pioneer for shell cordovan footwear and their shell cordovan dress shoes are still highly collectible. Shell cordovan was used in several boots made for officers in WWI. Through the years Horween has dabbled in many custom shell cordovan but there most popular are black and color 8.

Here is a partial list of current shell cordovan colors that Horween offers:. Color 8 gets ordered the most from footwear brands like Alden and Allen Edmonds. It's simply more popular. Also, color 8 goes learher with everything. Is it more difficult to make whiskey, ravello, cigar, and color 4? The shells themselves all start out different base colors because of the vegetable tanning and natural oils.

It is particularly hard to get colkr colors. Each shell is roughly cordvan square feet where most side leather is feet. Also shell cordovan goes through about process steps over six months. Each shell is different and the thickness even varies in one individual shell. Sometimes dramatically. I how to use a crows foot wrench normal range of thickness 1mm to 3mm.

The thickness is totally based on how far we have to shave to expose the leaather. Here is a demonstration illustrated in by Ralph Horween of how the shell sits between layers like a sandwich. All equine animals have a shell. Horses, mules, and zebras have shells, for example.

What's the demand of shell cordovan been over the past several decades, say 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and current? It's hard to gauge because the demand for shell cordovan is higher than the supply. It has risen steadily decade over decade. I own a FAt Herbie how to write a dear john letter sample Ashland 8n shell 8. Very nice color, but the other colors are equally nice.

Love my amaretto shell Jonny the fox Ashland Leather wallet. The color gets richer and richer and the quality is absolutely first class. Self-Polishing People familiar with shell cordovan know that it is a self-polishing leather. Spanish Origins The what color is cordovan leather Cordovan tannage was pioneered in Co,or, Spain by the Visigoths in the seventh what color is cordovan leather and was called leathre.

FAQ How many different shell cordovan colors does Horween make? Why is shell cordovan so expensive? How thick can shell be?

What other animals besides horses could create a similar feeling product? Kirkpatrick Cynthia J September 10, Great info! Now I must buy something in the 8 color!


Feb 10,  · A rich dark brown with burgundy/eggplant tones, Color #8 Shell Cordovan has the potential to develop an extremely rich patina, with brighter, burnished tones of red that resemble color #2 and beyond. Coveted by leather heads around the world, Color #8 . Sep 10,  · Through the years Horween has dabbled in many custom shell cordovan but there most popular are black and color #8. Color #8 is a deep brown/burgundy shade that has become synonymous with the color name “cordovan”. Here is a partial list of current shell cordovan colors that Horween offers: Color #8. May 14,  · Often called shell cordovan, this leather is made from the “shell,“ a membrane on the part of the horse that goes over the fence last. For some reason, this is where the most nonporous leather.

Alden SF boot in black shell cordovan via Leather Soul. Classic, sleek, and smart. Black shell cordovan will give footwear a formal edge due to its lustrous sheen. The Flat Head often used this color of shell cordovan for their range of money wallets and coin purses. Brandy Shell Cordovan is a medium to light brown tone.

Whiskey Shell Cordovan is a medium to light brown tone, but a few shades lighter than Brandy. Horween numbers these red and brown Shells in order of darkness—i. A classic, oxblood red, color 2 has tones of cherry red and warm wood which will become even more apparent as the piece of leather ages.

Color 2 is rarely produced. A rich and complex medium brown that flaunts hints of red and darker tones of brown in different lights, Color 4 is a rarely seen color of Shell Cordovan.

Rider Boot Co. Another rarely seen Shell, Color 6 Shell Cordovan is a medium-dark brown with dark red tones, a few shades lighter than Color 8. A very rarely seen color of Shell Cordovan, Gunmetal is a grey tone that lives up to its name with shimmering silver hues.

A charming bottle green with emerald notes, green Shell Cordovan is a unique leather with the potential for some interesting patina. Undyed and glazed Shell Cordovan. The shells are glazed with an old fashioned glazing jack which quickly rubs a glass rod back and forth on the hide to give it a polished look.

Natural Shell Cordovan has the most potential when it comes to patina, as it is undyed, leaving it to age and darken itself. Ultraviolet shell cordovan wallet from Ashland Leather. Ultraviolet is one of the most playful colors of cordovan, with a deep fuschia tone that borders on hot pink and raspberries.

Take note if you ever get into leather goods, Lisa Frank! Like this? Garnet Shell Cordovan via Ashland Leather.

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