What does the nike employee store have

what does the nike employee store have

The Nike Employee Store: How To Get In and What To Expect (Beaverton, Oregon)

Aug 22,  · Active duty military get in free once every 30 days and can spend up to $ most footwear is at least %50 off along with clothing for men women and kids. Awesome store and good staff. Upvote 8 Downvote. Hotin Tong April 23, /10(). The Nike Company Store is meant for employees and their family and close friends who have been honored with a guest pass. I am blessed enough that my friend's friend is a Nike employee and granted me a guest pass so I can go with my other friends. 40% 4/5().

So you want to visit the world famous Nike Employee Store? Here's what you need to know :. If you are employed by Nike or any of its brands, Converse or Hurley, you can enter the store as many times as you want by showing work ID. Full-time employees can what does the nike employee store have significant others and immediate family on entry list for unlimited visits.

Not employed by Nike or related to anyone at Swoosh? Cheer up, there's still a way in. Each year Nike gives employees a set amount of passes for friends. Often times employees will receive additional passes for back to school and the holiday season. To gain entranceall you have to do is know someone who works for Nike. Another option, the employee may give you a physical Nike Guest Pass which usually has an expiration date.

It's also great news to know that one pass allows you, your permanent partner and children 24 or younger with a valid college ID and same address entry into the store. My advice is have excellent self control. Products purchased in the store may NOT be used for resale reimbursement.

Well, yhe pretty much everything you need to how to make simple transmitter about shopping in Nike's employee store.

Remember, self control is key when shopping because it's easy to reach the max purchase limit, especially if you're shopping for your family.

If you don't work for Nike, don't be discouraged, ask around and you'll find someone that will bless you with a pass. You can experience a virtual tour by clicking here. Let storre know if you have any questions in the comments. It's pretty dope in there, I get passes through my job from time to time. I usually go in there and buy a bunch of socks and shorts for the low lol. Top Stories. Comments 6. Sort: Stoge. Sep 18, Sep 16, Nike Air Max2 Hhe One of the what does the nike employee store have sought after releases.

Nike Air Raid Nike Outlet Alert 7. After what is veoa eligible mean hiatus Nike Outlet Alert returns. Nike Outlet Alert 6.

A discussion worth having because we all have a story. Would you stand in a line this long for sneakers?

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Jul 30,  · They can provide a pass. The employee needs to get you on the list at least 24 hours before you arrive. The only tricky part is he only has five passes a year. So he might not be so willing to give it up. We had a family member who worked at Nike China and was able to get us in. Report as inappropriate. 7/24/ You must wait to receive a registration email from the Nike employee in your family. likeloveen.com products are displayed with the discounted price. Some restrictions apply: Excludes Nike By You product, Members Only product and select styles. All Nike employees have unlimited access to the Employee store. Employees working through temp agencies get access, but at less frequent intervals. Full time employees can place their immediate family & 'significant others' on the list for unlimited visits.

Based on info from the business or our users. Ask a question. How is this business handling reopening? Are they allowing in-store shopping? We had to wear masks, there are social distancing markers outside while waiting to get in, one-way aisle shopping in the shoe aisles and it didn't seem too crowded while shopping. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Learn more. Being a gigantic Nike fan since forever, it has been a dream of mine to come to the Nike Company Store in Portland. I'm from Seattle, so it isn't like I can come here often either. I feel like if you are able to come to this store, and you are not from Portland, then coming here is basically a huge part of the "Portland Experience," atleast that's what it feels like to me.

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I walk into a Nike store there is always that distinct smell, like fresh sneakers, and new clothes, and I love it, and it just got me pumped up when I first walked through those doors. I really didn't know where to start in the store, it was just do big, and I really felt the definition of being a kid in a candy store.

I want to say I spent the longest time in the shoe section, just going back and forth admiring everything. I really couldn't believe I was looking at them, not only that, but I was able to hold them in my hands. On top of that, I even got to try them on. They are listed as basketball shoes but you're crazy if you are hoopin' in them, atleast I wouldn't ever hoop in them. They were actually insanely comfy, and the auto-lacing tech was just so mindblowing. The only thing that kind of kept me from getting them was the fact you had to charge them, and that's just really akward, and who knows how well they would do in water if it all of a sudden rained like crazy not that I would wear them with rain im the forecast.

But yeah, the adapts are probably the dopest shoe I've held in my hands so far in my life. There were still so many shoes that were amazing, and being the sneakerhead I am, it was just such an experience being in that store looking at the shoe selections. It will be kind of hard to get used to Nike Clearance Stores after coming here. I just think it's really cool how they had shoes I was considering going for on the Nike SNKRS app, but didn't because they were too expensive. For real, one reason Nike is my favorite is because they are so innovative but still very stylish.

I also got a bunch of clothes, and my family also got shoes and clothes, but the only reason we got so much was because iof the insane discounts.

I'm still in awe in how good the discounts were. I actually look foward to going to Portland now, just because of this Nike store, and it really made a dream I forgot I had come true, and I could spend several more hours in that store just looking around. I can't stop talking about how cool of an experience it was being in there.

This was my first time to the company store and all the staff were so friendly. Very helpful and are willing to help. Staff all had their mask on and were able to answer all the questions I had refunding sizes and inventory. I've showed them a few item I saw online and they were able to just guild me to where the item were located. Honestly, I walked into this store only to take a look and walk around.

I had no idea I was going to spend over here. This place is dangerous, but for sure I'll love to be back. Covid review! If you don't know.. The pass also has to match your ID, so the pass is non transferable. What I didn't know before coming was how soon you retrieve your pass when the Nike employee requests a pass for you.

Ours arrived via email on the same day our Nike employee loved one requested it at work! The pass was valid for one day for the weekend of our trip, which was nice in case we couldn't make it on the day we planned.

Parking is plentiful and free! The store opened at am and we lined up at am to be 5th in line. There are social distancing markers on the ground.

You must wear a mask to enter. The store opened on time and check-in was a breeze! The merchandise on sale is what's NEW, unlike an outlet with mostly older stuff. You can get a good idea of what might be in store if you look on Nike. I also saw a lot of the same stuff at the Nike Downtown Portland shop. There's something for everyone - toddler, kids, women's and men's clothing and shoes.

As for the women's department: outer wear, bras, tights, sweatpants, Nike yoga, plus size, casual wear, and bags to name a few. Everything was neatly organized and well stocked! It was very helpful to have an employee in each section. The fitting rooms were also OPEN! I'm not too sure how many people are let in at a time, but I never felt like it was crazy crowded. In the shoe aisles, there are arrows on the ground to indicate that it is a one-way aisle, however the employees seemed to stop enforcing it after an hour and all shoppers were everywhere.

The whole experience was smooth and we are super happy with our Nike goodies! The Nike Company Store is meant for employees and their family and close friends who have been honored with a guest pass. I am blessed enough that my friend's friend is a Nike employee and granted me a guest pass so I can go with my other friends. That made the math super simple. Move the decimal place and multiple by 6 for the item's total. I got 2 drawstring bags that are super durable, running shorts for when I lounge around the house, and a dry fit tanktop for my work outs I live in California so I can justify an endless amount of shorts and tanktop.

My favorite purchase is definitely my new purse and laptop bag. I saw it as I approached the checkout stand and tried to convince myself I didn't need it. However as I opened up and felt the material and saw the convenient compartments, I was able to justify that this can be a potential work bag for my work laptop and other things.

It's so durable I can really throw it around and not have heartache like I would with my fancier delicate designer bags. I have found as competitive deals locally at the Nike outlets back towards home. My friends admit that loving the Nike brand was part of their splurge.

I love Nike too. I'm one of those, "I don't wear Adidas" people But I didn't feel like Nike's leggings were better than my beloved Beyond Yoga or Lululemon fitness legging. Hopefully in the future I have some worthy perks to pay back my friend's friend for this fun opportunity.

I love visiting the Employee Store when I'm in town!! I always come away with some gems!!! I will say that the staff here is excellent!! Since I have the Nike App my purchases download onto my app similar to an e-receipt with pictures. When I returned to my hotel I reviewed my e-receipt, mainly to relive the sheer pleasure of the price cuts I had enjoyed!

I noticed an item duplicated in two different sizes. I recall that the Nike Team member had trouble scanning a jacket. I went an retrieve another jacket simply so she could scan the item. She did so, then scanned it again presumibly to remove it. Nope, duplicate scan. I called the store.

Provided them with the receipt number and register number. I received a call back the following day, a Sunday and a credit was done. Nikes are spendy I am not a huge fan of their clothing with a few exceptions since one of my favorite pairs of workout pants are these bad boys. They have lived through the roughhousing I give them on a regular basis and still look brand new after years and years, much like any shoes I have owned.

Back in the day as a youth I ran and did all of the sports and I did all this in my Crosstrainers which they no longer make. Their regular shoes and my feet are not too friendly which is ok because their shoes are made for specifics.

These days I do Pilates no shoes and Zumba which they just do not have shoes that go well. With that said I love their flip flops! Yeah, no joke but they last and last and are actually pretty inexpensive, hard to find and you can get them right here at the employee store.

The store is a pretty big thing to experience and you can score some crazy great deals here along the walls of shoes - especially parents. This place is made for families since you can be in fashion but for some great prices My feet don't find Converse comfy but shop here if you do because they have so may choices for waaaaay less money!

If you can get a pass or go with a friend who works here, take your time - you are going to need it because on a normal day the line can go around and around and around - especially when approaching the holidays or the end of the month. Also, have your ID and pass all ready to go - don't be that jerk pissing the line off.

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