What is love in spanish

what is love in spanish

30 Spanish Love Words for your Sweetheart

love. A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, . How to say love in Spanish. love. Spanish Translation. amor. More Spanish words for love. el amor noun. passion. amar verb.

Looking for some inspiration for a Spanish Valentine Card, maybe? How do you say my love in Spanish? The English sentence:. Nothing can express love like some love poems. Poetry is you. But, of course, the indisputable master of Spanish love phrases was the Chilean Pablo Neruda. You may also like: Spanish food words. I have met and I am going to marry a cuban women, she lives in florida, I love her, she can speak english, her whole family does, except her mother, so I want to learn some words to talk to my wife in spanish, plus would like to communicate with her mother.

I printed some of the words in your introduction, I will start with those, thanks very much, oh it is not young love I just turned 65 but with the cuban beauty feel like I am 45, so very excited, will be married soon.

You are very welcome. I wish you and your lover a very happy marriage. Good luck! I love this website my husband is mexican an is living in mexico right now while i am in the US working and finishing school so Ilove being able to tell him ilove him in his native language.

Great job with this site. I like it. Thank-you for this website. Just to learn Spanish for him is amazing. This is wonderful! Now i will tell him in Spanish and he will be amazed! Great work. Keep it how to alleviate gallbladder pain I am from India. A movie producer. Right now i am working on an Englis-Spanish music album. Your article. Helped me so much. Gracias amigo. I love Spanish girl.

I try to speak What is love in spanish. Hi, Kassahun. I would say… speak the language she loves the most… Then, she may what is love in spanish to help you, teach you some words and phrases, etc. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Looking for some inspiration for a Spanish Valentine Card, maybe? Remy August 5, Very glad to stumble across this article.

Quite helpful. Many thanks! Edu August 5, Edu March 16, Danielle March 27, John February 10, Way Cool! Thank you. This definitely helps my activity for today in class. Edu February 10, Cecilia February 16, Maplove March 31, You translators are doing a tremendous job… Please continue with the same! K April 6, Drue November 16, Serchhip Chelsea February 14, I want to learn spanish love and polite how to become a male tattoo model. O February 29, Secretlover November 8, Sreejith k attingal January 14, Good luck with your work!

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Spanish abounds with words for love

Spanish has two words for "love": Amar - To love: this is a strong, passionate type of love, often reserved for lovers in special occasions (although it may, sometimes, be used in other contexts, like a mother telling her child she loves him). Jan 20,  · So it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are many words in Spanish that can be translated as "love." Use the verb amar or the noun amor to translate all the above sentences, and you'll sound foolish at best. intransitive verb phrase 1. (to have sex) a. hacer el amor Cynthia and John took a shower together and made likeloveen.coma y John se ducharon juntos e hicieron el amor.

Translated sentences containing 'love' Each day I love you more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow. She is in love. It was not lack of my love, he was the one who left me. We love turkey. A nosotros nos encanta el pavo. The boys love turkey. A los muchachos les encanta el pavo.

I love the beach! I love noodles. We love noodles. A nosotros nos encantan los fideos. The boys love noodles. A los muchachos les encantan los fideos. You are mine and I'm yours and we will love each other forever. We would love to see it. We love to decorate the house for Christmas. Nos encanta adornar la casa en Navidad. We would love to live here. Alicia is in love with Ursula's boyfriend. The waiter with whom she is in love. We love parks. Nos encantan los parques.

You put this love in my way. I love this House and I love this Chamber. Amo esta Asamblea y este Parlamento. I would love to be offered the same. Do we not love children any more? I would love to know. I love to shop on the internet; I love to shop at home and abroad. Anyone who does not love animals does not love people either. El que no ame a los animales tampoco puede amar a una persona.

I really love Europe, even if I do not love the European Union. I would love to see the evidence. I love that part of Spain, as you know.

The cross stands for love triumphant. La cruz representa el triunfo del amor. I had to live through those years for my love of democracy, and I did. My best wishes to all of you in love and friendship. Con mis mejores deseos para todos ustedes, con amor y amistad. You will love the European Constitution. It gives to all, gives freely of its love.

Lo ofrece a todos por amor. That was the love of children for their mother. Demostraron verdadero amor de hijos por su madre. Allow me to speak to you about Love. Most of all, we wish you the love that you have spoken of. Sobre todo, le deseamos el amor del que nos ha hablado. I would love to have an answer from the British Government to that. I have a great love of the Jewish people.

It is a little bit like love. Es en cierto modo parecido al amor. We would love to see monitoring. MEPs love voting for texts. A los diputados al Parlamento Europeo nos encanta votar a favor de los textos. I love Ireland; I have been there 20 times. Commissioner, this is not the Europe that we love. I love English as the language of Shakespeare. I would love to let you, but I cannot give you the floor.

This is a point I would love to understand. I would love to hear the answer to that one. Citizens do not love processes, they love outcomes, and we will be judged by our outcomes. The love of one human being for another is never lessened by gender or sexuality: it is love.

Society may be just, but it cannot ever love. La sociedad puede ser justa pero nunca puede amar. Of course I am in favour of this measure, for I love birds. Their supporters would love to abolish cheap flights.

The lawyers in the court room will love this. For the love of God, how can they say such things? That is where my love of the sea and fascination with ships started. We do not yet know whether to fear it or love it. They are sometimes bound by love, but more often than not by fear. It teaches us mutual love and respect. I would love to hear your views on this, Mr President. Madam President, lobbyists love Brussels.

We all love trains, especially historic trains. Who will have the authority to read my love letters? I would have been so careful to scatter her path with more love and more security. You should either love your receiving country or get out. However, we especially love it when these texts are applied. Sin embargo, nos encanta especialmente cuando esos textos se aplican. Islam has no love for Western freedom and democracy. Al islam no le gustan la libertad ni la democracia occidentales.

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