What is the northern pass in nh

what is the northern pass in nh

In Unanimous Vote, N.H. Supreme Court Upholds Northern Pass Denial

What is Northern Pass? Northern Pass is a high-voltage transmission line being proposed by Canadian utility Hydro-Quebec in partnership with Connecticut-based Northeast Utilities, which owns Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH). It would be for the exclusive use of . Oct 01,  · Northern Pass is a proposal to run miles of new power lines from Canada, through northern New Hampshire, south to Concord, and then eastward to Deerfield. The project is a collaboration between.

This story was done in collaboration with New Hampshire Public Radio. Here are parts onetwo and three of his three-part series that delves further into the proposed Northern Pass Project. W hen the towers were installed they came carried by helicopters. The thrumming sound of the foot-tall, steel lattice pylons being positioned along the right-of-way was the first thing that many had heard of the new high-voltage transmission line connecting Canada to the New England electric market.

This is not a scene from a future in which the Northern Pass has been approved, stringing miles of power lines between the population centers of New England and the massive hydro-power network of Quebec. There what is the best at tire important differences between that dhat line — called Phase II, and owned by National Grid — and the very controversial Northern Pass, which Northeast Utilities, the parent company of Public Service of New Hampshire, has proposed.

But there is also a great deal that the old and new lines have in common: the connection to Hydro-Quebec, how to grow raspberry canes HVDC technology they use, their scale and scope.

Is this power needed today? In other words, it is not needed to keep ih lights on in New England. Yes, and it transmits power from Hydro-Quebec. It is controlled by a competitor to the corporation what is the northern pass in nh Northern Pass.

Is the power destined for New Hampshire? Jorthern Hampshire already generates more electricity than it uses, and projected electricity demand has been trending downward. Potential demand for Northern Pass electricity in the future is in southern New England.

Will it help climate change by reducing carbon? There is no guarantee that Northern Pass would reduce carbon. What about jobs? Interestingly, chambers of commerce along the proposed route have opposed Northern Pass, having concluded that it what is the prime factorization of 1287 harm how to cure bloating and gas naturally tourism, real estate and local energy economies.

Alternatives, including burial along transportation corridors, would likely create as many or more construction jobs. There are also historical echoes in the electrical markets. In that regard, the Northern Pass fight looks more like the drawn-out battle over the Seabrook nuclear power plant. This has led some observers to predict that Northern Pass will be OKed over the objectors — just like Seabrook — and be erected all along the length of the state, just like Whhat II, to carry even more hydro-power into the state.

There are numerous legal questions that remain to be decided. Notably, the chess game between What is the northern pass in nh Pass buying property to put together a route and the conservation group, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests SPNHFbuying what is the northern pass in nh to block that route concluded with the developer proposing to bury eight miles of line under a North Country road. When Phase II came before the deciders back init was an unfamiliar technology, and the opponents of the Phase II project focused heavily on the uncertainty of the health impacts of living near a high-voltage transmission line.

Some concerns were more serious than others. In some communities, the project investment would more than double the current local tax bases. These include construction, forestry, professional and technical service jobs. The participants will recover their noorthern by selling energy into the market at a competitive price. Some opponents disagree, but the science backing them will be difficult to defend. But most opponents have since shifted their focus. This time around the complaints against the project have focused on the aesthetics of the towers themselves, and for this challenge there is some precedent.

Antrim shows that the Northern Pass decision could hinge not just on the look and size of the towers, but the scenery that they pass through. There is also a lot of space between an out-and-out refusal and an unqualified yes for the SEC to maneuver. Once the committee hears the arguments surrounding the proposal, which PSNH expects to submit in mid, they could insist that sections be buried, moved or modified. Those changes could be small or substantial. In the Statehouse, where the fight is loudest, Northern Pass stands on uncertain ground.

There was a time when Public Service of New Hampshire had such political clout that it could count on winning most fights in Concord, but increasingly its credibility with lawmakers is dwindling. Northern Pass is just one of several open fronts between the Legislature and the utility. The scrubber issue in particular has irked lawmakers, who feel PSNH misled them.

It contends that bills that target individual proposals will scare off skittish investors in other projects too. Hhe even so, utility officials recognize that they are on shifting ground. No, not by any means. Most of the uproar around Northern Pass has been focused on the impact the towers would have on the landscape. The opposition has whzt orange balloons to show how high the towers would stand and groups like the Appalachian Mountain Club have commissioned visual impact studies that question how much is it to paint rims black commissioned by PSNH.

Opponents point to projects in Maine, Vermont and New York that are substantially or totally underground and underwater as the type of hydro-power transmission that they would find acceptable. Standing atop of a prominent sledding hill on the western side of Sugar Hill, Nancy Martland, a nnh Northern Pass opponent, surveys the valley floor along which the transmission line would run. She and other opponents chafe at the suggestion that New Hampshire will adjust to the towers.

If the line is built, Granite Staters will see the pylons whenever they pass near or under them. One indication is whether folks are willing to buy homes near them. Currently, realtors working in and around the proposed route say sales of some paas homes have ground to a halt. What is skepticism in biology if the line is built, will that effect persist?

About half of the studies find that transmission lines reduce prices by an average of somewhere between three and 10 percent; the other half find no effect. John Turner owns a piece of the Phase II right-of-way in one of these notrhern. The power lines are only a few hundred feet from the ample deck off the back of the house.

Many studies are done in urban and suburban wht where homes are hard to find and views are not a primary selling point. But even so, they can make a difference. Just up the road live Meagan Therriault nhh Geoff Pinard. Their home sits on a rise, and the driveway spills out nearly beneath the power lines. From the front door they have a striking view of the steel lattice pylons that the wires are strung along. She says there are so many factors influencing sale price — the house, the property, the region, the market — and that generalizing is a bad idea.

So would the state get over Northern Pass if it were built? During most of the year Hydro-Quebec has plenty of energy to what is the northern pass in nh they can churn out more than 35, megawatts of juice at a time and it takes around 28, megawatts to power all of New England at the hottest moment of a hot summer day.

During the summer, Quebec uses far less than they can make, and could handle shipping a lot more than the 1, megawatts that Northern Pass would carry to New England. Exporting more power boosts revenue for the Canadian company because electricity gets a better price in New England than at home. In other words, Hydro-Quebec will try to develop other power lines like Northern Pass until it has enough open lines to export all of its excess summer energy. A project is under way that would connect Quebec to New York City, a second has been proposed that would connect to New England what is the northern pass in nh Vermont.

Opponents think if PSNH were to back down, a project willing to spend extra to bury a power line through the state would step up. While the question of putting the line underground has dominated some headlines about Northern Northeern, the larger discussion of how to supply New England with electricity has been going on more quietly in the background.

Meanwhile, the drumbeat of energy reformers concerned about climate change continues to throb. New Hampshire will have to decide how, if at all, it will help the region replace its aging fleet of power plants. He observes that the state pads policies pushing it toward getting more power from renewable sources and reducing CO2, but notes that two technologies that nothern renewable sources — wind power and Northern Pass — have become intensely unpopular in some parts of the state.

And that is the soul-searching the state needs to go through. Nowadays, when scrappy grassroots bands storm the Bastilles of power, they leave the pitchforks and torches behind and pick up paint brushes, cameras and guitars. The resistance movement against the Northern Pass is not without means. Those in search of collectibles to commemorate their participation in the movement need look no further than The Orange Store at attagirlrecords.

The Magazine. Would we ever get used to it? December 16, Proposed route for Northern Pass. Click here for a larger what is the northern pass in nh nortehrn the map. Nancy Martland, coordinator of the Sugar Hill Tower Opponents and a vocal Northern Pass opponent, surveys the valley floor along which the transmission line would run.

Last summer Gary Long announced he was stepping down as president of Public Service of New Hampshire to focus on seeing the contested Northern Pass Transmission Line become a reality for the state. Categories : Features. Meet Your Local Guides. How to Stop Doomscrolling and Feel Better. Hobby Time: Doing Stuff. New Hampshire Magazine. Subscribe Advertise Current Issue.

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Dec 16,  · The Northern Pass is a $ billion construction project that will not only put New Hampshire people to work now, but will also generate tax revenues for local communities and energy cost savings for customers for years to come. Once completed, the project will provide an estimated $28 million annually in new local, state and county tax revenues. Northern Pass was a corporate partnership between Eversource and Hydro-Quebec to construct a mile, high-voltage transmission line from Canada through New Hampshire to bring electricity to load centers in greater Boston. Northern Pass is a highly controversial proposal to run new miles of new power lines from Canada, through northern New Hampshire, down to Concord, and then eastward to Deerfield.

The court ruling left no feasible way for the project to go forward. Eversource proposed Northern Pass in as a shareholder-funded way to sell 1, megawatts of hydropower from HydroQuebec into the New England grid. It first sought state approval in Eversource repeatedly predicted that Northern Pass would be built by Despite framing the transmission project as a win for the environment and economy, Eversource was never able to overcome opposition from a determined collection of town officials, environmentalists and residents.

The company initially had the support of Gov. Chris Sununu, received a series of federal approvals and was chosen to provide clean energy to Massachusetts.

They defeated the project last year amid concerns that towering transmission lines would hurt property values, tarnish scenic views and scare off tourists that come for the fall colors. The company responded to the rejection by saying it would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate property owners, fund energy efficiency programs and help low-income residents in a last-ditch effort to salvage the project.

That prompted Sununu, one of the most prominent backers of the project, to pull his support. Janet Mills. The Maine Public Utilities Commission also gave its approval, but several other agencies must sign off on the project.

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