What is the salary of merchant navy

what is the salary of merchant navy

Salary In Merchant Navy for Officers and Ratings

May 29,  · Salary of master in merchant navy varies from USD or if we talk in Indian Rupees, it ranges from lakhs per month. Salary of Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy Chief Engineer is the overall in-charge of the Engine room, and all the machinery present onboard ship. Apr 09,  · Different companies offer their cadets a good salary to start their career with them. The range of salary could be to US Dollars (35, to 56, INR) per month.

Merchant Navy is one of the most lucrative what is the salary of merchant navy in the world; this job gives you an opportunity to earn while exploring beautiful countries all over the world. It is also considered as one of the dirtiest merchat especially for engineers ; with that being said, How to choose the right man for marriage remember a famous quote.

It is same as our mothers, sisters or Wives does in the kitchen; they knead the dough, clean the kitchen sink, wash our clothes, and does other dirty household jobs, but at the end of the work, her hands are clean. Jobs of engineers onboard a ship is somewhat similar, they have what is the salary of merchant navy make their hands salsry to maintain the machinery onboard the ship, and at the end of the day, their hands are all clean.

Talking about the salary in Merchant Navy, it varies from rank to rank, experience on rank, company to company, type of ship, route of the ship, nature of work on the ship, etc. Salary of master in merchant navy varies from USD or if we talk in Indian Rupees, it ranges from 5.

Chief Engineer is the overall in-charge of the Engine room, and all what language do you read right to left machinery present onboard ship. In Indian Rupees, it ranges from 5.

In Indian Rupees, it ranges from 4. In Indian rupees, it varies from 2. In Indian Rupees, it varies from The Market condition for both these ranks are not very good, and with the latest technology ships, some companies are eliminating the rank of fourth engineers from the crew list. Due to which, many 4 th engineers and 3 rd mates are willing to work on meagre wages. Many companies have started a trend of keeping Additional Fourth Engineers, their workload is the same as of a Fourth Engineer, but they are recruited to reduce the manning cost.

In Indian Jerchant, it varies from Lakh per month. In Indian Rupees, it varies from 65k Chief cook is one of the most important crew member onboard a ship as he is the one who makes delicious food for everyone. So that was the salary structure in Merchant Navy. They are far away from their Homes, away from Family, There are so many physical, mental, what are the effects of crack cocaine emotional pressures all the time.

Most naavy, they are earning only when they are onboard the ship, and are unemployed when at home. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Master is the Overall in charge of the ship, Salary of master in merchant navy varies from USD or if we talk in Sallary Rupees, it ranges from 5. Salary of Chief Ia in Merchant Navy. The chief salqry is sallary overall in-charge of the Deck and Galley department.

Salary of Electrical Officer in Merchant Navy. Salary of Chief Cook in Merchant Navy. Good food on ship is the only msrchant to every stressful situation. It is worth every Penny when it comes to the work load these guys face onboard the nvy.

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7 rows · Sep 03,  · The Merchant navy consists of various profiles based on the educational qualifications of a. Merchant navy salary can go as high as 12,00, per month. Most Indian Navy officers opt to work with the merchant navy after completing their services as this is a high-paying profession. Merchant Navy always has the vacancy for fresh graduates through various maritime institutes and offline for . Salary of Merchant Navy In Brief. The actual Merchant Navy salary cannot be stated as it solely depends upon the factors like whom are you employed to, nature of your duties and the type of vessel you are working into. Broadly the Merchant Navy is further categorized into two types: 1.

Merchant Navy is a very high-paying profession not only in India. Merchant navy salary can go as high as 12,00, per month. Most Indian Navy officers opt to work with the merchant navy after completing their services as this is a high-paying profession. Merchant Navy always has the vacancy for fresh graduates through various maritime institutes and offline for various positions.

But once you get boarded and gain experience, you get the opportunity to work in International Carriers. Goods are cheaper to transport from the sea than land is assigned like Crude Oil, Military equipment, metal ores, etc.

Merchant Navy officers make sure that the cargo is shipped and are the main links of International Trade. Although being a Merchant navy officer has some perks, the disadvantages are quite too. Merchant navy offers various perks to attract more officers. All the officers, irrespective of their rank, enjoy this benefit: 1. Free Drinks and Food During the trip 2.

Long Leave as long as six months days for every six months of work or three months leave for 90 days of work It varies from contract to contract 3. Medical Coverage for yourself and dependents. Paid return Air-tickets to your choice of destination 5.

Free lodging and meals till you board the ship after you mark your presence at companies office 6. Life Insurance 7. Benefits from the Indian Government and N. Status with a valid C. They get Discounted Liquor and various duty-free items. These are some of the basic perks that Merchant navy officers enjoy but again; It varies company to company.

Life of a Merchant Navy officer is always at risk. Since you sail through waters, anything can happen, making it difficult for rescuers to reach there. Due to bad weather, you frequently lose communication with others.

This can create a sickness of water. The list goes on like bad weather, collision with other vehicles, fir Most common , Underwater rocks, a sudden increase in water due to glaciers burst. Even with all these disadvantages, the Merchant Navy is one of the highest paying professions in India.

The Merchant navy officers are categorized into three types. Deck 2. Engineering 3. These pieces of information are collected from a different source for both Domestic and International Ships. There are two types of jobs on ships: 1. Unlicensed Crew: They are the ones with little to no specific experience or qualifications. Port Captain is an important designation. A port captain takes charge of the vessel when it docks on any port.

Port Captain directs the unloading dept about the containers which are to be unloaded. Port Captain arranges everything for the crew so that they can get some rest before continuing. A port captain is usually a Chief Officer who opts for a land-based job. A Captain is the most skilled person on the ship as they run the vessels alongside different designations.

They are often called Master, Chief Officer, etc. They are the ones in charge of the whole ship, and they do have to perform difficult tasks apart from cruising the ship is managing their crew and their safety. They are the highest-paid Officer in Merchant Navy. A captain must-do safety checks properly. He is the man who helps the Captain perform difficult duties. The second officer coordinates with team leaders to make sure everything is alright. The second Officer task becomes more complex when disputes emerge between two departments or crew members.

The Second Officer must ensure everything is ok between seamen and coordinate with each other. Qualification Required: 2nd Officer F. Certificate of Competency. A third officer is the one coordinating with the navigation dept to ensure everything is fine. A third officer has to keep an eye on all technicalities of the vessel and get it fixed by engineering.

He even has to look after the speed, fuel and make sure that safety standards are maintained. The duty of the third officer during port calls is to hand over the cargo manifest to the port captain. The third officer decides the placement of cargo on the vessel. Chief Cook is the Officer that assists the junior cook for anything related to food. As officers get their only leisure time on board when they get food. The food must be tasty and healthy for everyone to function properly. As lack of food can create a huge impact on your mind, this can lead to dangerous situations.

They join as a trainee and are assigned all types of tasks on the desk for the experience. They have to do jobs from almost every department, and as they gain experience, they got promoted to the third officer. Qualification: Class 12 along with pre-sea Nautical Diploma.

On a Vessel, if someone who has equivalent authority and rank is none other than Chief Engineer. They deal with every department on board like the engine department, navigation department including radar readers , power stations, communication team. Chief Officer is the one who makes sure everything is working properly from power transmission to entertainment facilities. If any technical problem arose on board are brought in attention to the first Engineer.

Second Engineer reports directly to captain and chef engineer as per the situation. The second Engineer reports directly to the Captain and chief engineer as per the situation. The second Engineer is responsible for leading a team that looks after the proper functioning of everything during the trip.

It is indeed a very responsible position. He reports directly to the Chief officer in case of technical problems and reports to the Captain in case of a Navigational problem.

The second officer is in charge of assigning junior engineers to maintain equipment and carry out all safety drills. The third Engineer has other important tasks: maintaining hygiene as per standards, maintaining power generation system, and communication system. The third Engineer has to coordinate with all the officers above his rank.

He even has to make sure that the live cargo or containers containing perishable goods are ok. Engineering cadets are the ones at the ground level in Engineering Department handling everything. They are a fresh graduate from Maritime Institute. They are given tasks aimed at preparing them to meet challenges and responsibilities.

They are generally assigned to the engine room for continuous monitoring of the engine. They are trained to replace engine oil and handle everything during times of emergency, with no communication and navigation fog.

The third officer assigns them tasks, and they have to coordinate with the Captain, Chief Officer, First engineer, and second engineer. As you might have guessed from the name, they handle Logistics and work under the unlicensed category.

Unlicensed Crew Includes: 1. Motorman 2. Seamen Cadet 3. Oiler 4. Ordinary Seamen It is very difficult to estimate their salary since in my research, I have found that Fresher oil men get as low as Rs. ONGC is the company that has frequent vacancies of Oiler.

If you want to know more about Institutes, then click here. Merchant navy salary is among the best in the county. Merchant Navy job is not easy at all. You need special skills and courage to join the Merchant navy. If you want to join the Merchant navy, then swimming is the first and foremost requirement; if you are in th and are preparing to join Merchant Navy, then Good luck.

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