What program do i need to watch avi files

what program do i need to watch avi files

AVI Viewer Free

Jan 30,  · AVI Viewer Free. ?pauljohn?. ?Utilities & tools > File managers?. Open and play your audio & video files instantly today with this app. This app supports many formats such as 3g2 / 3gp / wma / wmv and many more formats. Play likeloveen.com files today instantly with this app. Apr 09,  · Windows Media Player is included in most versions of Windows and should be able to play most AVI files by default. If an AVI file won't play in Windows Media Player, you can try installing the free K-Lite Codec pack. VLC, ALLPlayer, Kodi, and DivX Player are some other free AVI players you can try out if WMP isn't working for you.

Maybe you see the first frame of the video, but the rest is blank? Or maybe you get an error message saying that the video format is not supported?

The first thing you need to understand about AVIaka Audio Video Interlaced, is what program do i need to watch avi files it is a very old container format created by Microsoft in This means that an AVI file contains audio and video data tp that can be played together what program do i need to watch avi files sync.

This is important because the format for the audio or video stream can be different inside the AVI container. For example, the video stream could be compressed using the DivX, Xvid, H. You basically whxt four solutions to this problem: use a newer version of Windows Media Player, convert the video to another format like MP4, WMV, etc.

For an in-depth understanding of all this, check out my guide to codecs, container formats and transcoding. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, you might be able to fix your problem by simply upgrading Windows, which will give you a newer version of WMP. If are running Windows 7 or higher, then you are running the latest version, which is Unfortunately, XP and Vista users will have to pay to upgrade their machines to Windows 10 or invest in a new machine.

The easiest way to do this is to use a program called HandBrakewhich is free. For those users, you need to upgrade as previously mentioned or use a third-party media player like VLC, which I mention below. Once it has been scanned, you can leave what to invest in for 2015 as is and just click the Start nedd.

Your file will be converted into an MP4 file in the same directory as the original video file. If the problem is related to the codec and you must use Windows Media Player, your only other option is to download a codec pack.

You have to be careful when downloading codec packs because some of them contain malware, viruses, etc and will ruin your system. If you absolutely must, you can check out my previous post on downloading codecs for Windows Media Player. In vai to the codec issue, you might also have problems playing an AVI file if it has become corrupt or damaged.

Usually, this problem is fixable using third-party repair nsed. There are a couple of more possible solutions below. One possible simple wahch is to make sure that the file type is associated with WMP. You can do this by opening Windows Media player, going to Tools and then clicking on Options.

Note this is only for older versions of WMP. Another solution, which has worked for some, is to use system restore to go back to a previous system state. You can read my previous post about system restore and how to enable it. Once on the System Protection tab, just click on the System Restore button. If you turned off or disabled What cause crime and violence Restore, then keep reading.

You can also try to run the System File Checker command in What does siberian tigers eat, which checks all system files and replaces corrupted or deleted ones with the originals. At the prompt, type the following:. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor.

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Mar 15,  · Windows Media Player used to support all video codecs that compressed in AVI file in the days that AVI format comes into being. Playing AVI On Windows – No Codecs. Designed to open AVI files on Windows XP, Vista & 7 without the need of AVI codec packs. Music playlists (mpl and m3u) can also be created, making it easy to open albums. Minimalistic and Lightweight. MediaPlayerLite is a simple interface to make playing files /5(89). This software is an AVI player for the AVI media files. Those who use AVI video files frequently may like to incorporate this type of software so that they can play the files with a higher likeloveen.comegory: Video Players.

MPL also supports H. Music playlists mpl and m3u can also be created, making it easy to open albums. Minimalistic and Lightweight MediaPlayerLite is a simple interface to make playing files easy and lightweight. It loads H. Always enjoy MediaPlayerLite for free! Learn More. You may be offered to install the File Association Manager. For more information click here.

You may be offered to install the Yahoo Toolbar. MediaPlayerLite is a extremely light-weight media player for Windows. It looks just like Windows Media Player v6. MediaPlayerLite allows you to enhance, decode and accelerate a broad span of movie formats like x. The MediaPlayerLite player does not require many system resources than the rest of the video media players to run smoothly.

MPC-HC includes an embedded video decoder that uses this technology, to decode x. Download Now - it's free. Clicking this download button begins your installation Media Player Lite. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in ads during the installation process. Open and play an AVI file fast and other formats.. Minimalistic and lightweight media player.

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